TiVi Phone mobile VoIP software adds ZRTP encryption

Released on: September 18, 2008, 5:30 am

Press Release Author: Tilts Visiem

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Tilts Visiem has started direct cooperation with Philip R.
Zimmermann's Zfone Project and now offers an unbreakable level of caller
authentication and voice and video encryption in its mobile VoIP software client
"TiVi Phone" version 2.0.4, compatible with Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile (versions
5 and 6).

Press Release Body: The newer versions of TiVi Phone have a Phil Zimmermann's ZRTP
software library built in upon a commercial licence agreement between Tilts Visiem
and Zfone. As a result, TiVi users can enjoy better privacy when using the mobile
version of the software. The SIP-based application is downloadable from TiVi.com and
usable in a 3-day trial mode, however permanent activation of the encryption feature
requires purchasing a software key.

"TiVi Phone bundled with ZRTP is unique for several reasons: it's inexpensive in
comparison to all known alternatives and older technologies; it's easy to install
and run by any smartphone owner; and it's one of the first encrypting VoIP
applications for mobile phones. Moreover, ZRTP cryptography offers the ultimate
protection against eavesdropping and identity spoofing during a VoIP call," said Ivo
Kutts, CEO and co-founder of Tilts Visiem.

"Zfone is the leading light in today's secure VoIP communications because its
algorithms and source code - developed by Phil Zimmermann and his colleagues - are
publicly available and open to peer review. This contrasts with the unverifiable
security claims by Skype," Kutts also added.

The ZRTP protocol has some desirable cryptographic features lacking in many other
approaches to VoIP encryption. Although it uses a public key algorithm, it avoids
the complexity of a public key infrastructure (PKI). It uses ephemeral
Diffie-Hellman, and allows the detection of man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks by
displaying a short authentication string for the users to verbally compare over the

The TiVi team had been looking for an industry-leading cryptography solution for
several years before it met PGP's author Zimmermann at San Jose's VON 2007 event.
Tilts Visiem, specialising in proprietary and interoperable VoIP billing solutions
and end-user software, is particularly aware of the imminent switchover to internet
telephony and the proportionally growing demand for secure VoIP communications. More
and more businesses and individuals realise the need to protect their legitimate
interests and privacy, since unencrypted voice or video calls transmitted over the
public internet can be intercepted by a variety of third parties.

"As we transition from traditional phones to VoIP, we dramatically increase the risk
of being wiretapped by just about anyone, including criminals who seem to have their
way with the rest of the Internet today. TiVi Phone can protect individuals,
companies, and government officials from eavesdropping by criminals.", said

Tilts Visiem's VoIP/messenger products first appeared on the international market in
2003 in the PC version. In 2006, the company added mobile VoIP clients for Symbian,
Windows Mobile and Pocket PC platforms, already including free, IP-based video
calling. The TiVi VoIP solutions, intended for next-generation networks, are sold to
integrators and competitive carriers in Europe, Asia and North America.

Tilts Visiem:
www.tivi.com / info@tivi.com

zfoneproject.com / info@zfoneproject.com / philzimmermann.com

Web Site: http://www.tivi.com

Contact Details: Tilts Visiem, Stabu 54-6, Riga, Latvia, LV-1011, phone: +371
67881001, fax: +371 67881881, e-mail: info@tivi.com

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