Volcanic Ash Causing a Lather of Controversy

Released on: September 2, 2008, 5:33 pm

Press Release Author: lynthomas

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Is Kate Hudson planning for fools gold in breaching her oral
contract with 220 Laboratories over her secret volcanic ash ingredient in her new
range of super duper hair products?

Press Release Body: Is the 29 year old Kate Hudson, daughter of the famous actress
Goldie Hawn, living in the shades of the adventures of \'Indiana Jones\', with her
well-kept secret ingredient for her range of new hair products? The eco-friendly
\'Vanuatu Complex\', using the vitamin and mineral rich grey volcanic ash from the
tropical islands of Vanuatu, was launched in June by Kate Hudson. It claims to
revolutionize hair care, as it is said to encapsulate fly a ways (free flying

The products are said to be causing a lather of controversy in the courts. The
Californian based corporation, 220 Laboratories, is seeking compensatory and
punitive damages, plus interest, over the breach of an oral contract.

Seventeen causes of action are allegedly filed in the Los Angelos Superior Court
against actress Kate Hudson and David Babaii, her hair stylist-guru-to-the-stars.
This includes cheating of trade secrets, breach of contract, fraud, split of
confidence and a bunch of other allegations. Two hundred and twenty Laboratories
claim the pair are in breach of an oral contract, stating the Laboratories as the
sole providers of the raw materials used in the new hair products.

Kates publicist Brad Cafarelli, reports that Kate has yet to officially receive the
complaint. Kate states that she has no knowledge of anyone from 220 Laboratories.

It is very rarely that we hear of oral contracts at the centre of a dispute in
todays courts. Especially when the argument will involve thousands of dollars and
very public figures. Perhaps they are under the influence of the tropical islands of
Vanuatu, which have a history of oral methods. These were used to pass down customs
and traditions to the younger generations, through songs and dance.

Vanuatu has many well-hidden secrets, as was seen in the recent opening of an
exhibition of rare artifacts, in Sydney, Australia. Secret and sacred ancient art
which had never been seen outside of Vanuatu causing the art world to sit up.

After months of dealing and negotiating with the 220 Laboratories, Kate Hudson and
David Babaii allegedly chose to take the list of secret ingredients for their range
of hair products, to a competing laboratory, Universal Packaging Systems Inc. It is
said they agreed to make the shampoos and conditioners at a lower price.

220 Laboratories claim it is the same product that Kate and David discussed with
them. Even down to a similar name and packaging.

Is this more of Kate\'s \'Fool\'s Gold\'? Is she trying to make in real life, what was
only a plot for a movie?

Will the fact that Matthew McConaughey is said to be the prosecuting attorney, make
matters worse? He allegedly has a rich romantic history with Hudson.

The #1 question is, are Kates hair products the real thing, or just a cheap

Either way, it would be worth a trip to Vanuatu, just to try the Volcano ash for
yourself. If the ash doesnt prove to be the revolutionary product that Kate claims
it is, standing on the edge of an active volcano, Mt. Yassur, is an earth shaking
and memorable experience. It is well worth the trip, to a little known untouched
Paradise in the South Pacific tropical islands of Vanuatu, home of travel adventure
and the birth place of extreme sport. The \'Must See\' travel destination of the South

The company \'David Babaii for Wild Aid\' donates 10% of profits to WildAid, a
wildlife conservation group. Kate and David are the partners of this company.

Web Site: http://winaresort.com

Contact Details: Seachange Lodge
PO.Box 5101
Phone/Fax 678 26551
Port Vila

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