Cheap Air Travel A Reality!

Released on: October 22, 2008, 11:57 pm

Press Release Author: Nemanja Kuzmanovic

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: Air travel has become an integral part of today's transport.
The only hindrance which makes it not to reach the masses is its high cost. Cheap
Flights Service a company which prides itself in procuring cheap flight tickets has
been set up to allay any fears of exponential cost involved in air travel.

Press Release Body: October 2008-Air travel is a by product of modern technology.
Travel by air is by far the fastest means of transport. But, it has not reached out
to the public because of the high cost involved in it. Cheap Flights Service
provides you with cheap airline tickets to make your air travel cheaper and cheaper.
The company prides itself to help you identify cheap flights. It helps you get
airline tickets for your urgent travel. It also provides you with an all round
travel package which involves renting cars, hotels etc. The company also arranges
for round trips as opposed to a one way trip.

The site is lucidly designed and helps you find cars, hotels and flights for your
destination. The company provides a complete travel package. Travels are listed
category for various states and continents. There is a price calculator at which allows you compute, compare prices provided
by the company with others. The company also arranges for tourist guides, star
hotels, destination tips, flight schedules. The company offers service for tour
planning, budget planning etc. These plans make your travel cheaper and smoother.

The major problem which every traveler faces is the accommodation facility. Cheap
Flights Service through its website provides a
comprehensive pre planning facility for tour planning. They provide a choice for 3,
4, 5 star hotels to make your travel happier. The travel plan covers a number of
countries across the globe. Countries across the globe are covered by the company.
Even exotic countries such as the Nigeria, Bangladesh etc are covered in the travel
plans. Travel guides are provided for countries such as India, Jamaica, etc.

The company offers you flight service for a number of reasons, personal and
professional. The company provides its cheap ticketing service both for economy and
official class customers. The company not only provides you cheap service but it
also does not compromise on the quality of service, which is you get the same high
quality of service but without a bomb on your pocket. The company also provides
travel news to help you plan your travel to the most happening places on the globe.

The company stands out in its motto for cheap and quality service right from flight
tickets to hotels and cars for your destination places. They provide you only with
the best travel engines for your monetary and travel comfort. They also provide you
opportunities to contact them for further queries. There is also a search toolbar
which helps you browse through the site. A number of quick links are provided to
help you find hotels, cars and flights with in the states. These helps in conserving
the valuable time.

Cheap Flights Service not only provides you with cheap airline tickets for your
flights but also provides a complete travel packages, from the top drawer. For more
information regarding the services look in to
It offers tour guides, car rentals and hotel booking at your destination in a single
click. The site can be contacted for more information about your tour package.

428/c Park Ave
New York, NY 10003
telephone/fax: 5184343557

Web Site:

Contact Details: 428/c Park Ave
New York, NY 10003
telephone/fax: 5184343557

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