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Released on: October 29, 2008, 1:10 am

Press Release Author: Nick Digby

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Echo-Xpats, a division of Echo-Direct Middle East &
Africa was established in 2005 to provide highly personalised, premium relocation
services to corporations and individuals moving in and out of Dubai, UAE, is proud
to announce the launch of its new website.

Press Release Body: Dubai, UAE, October 29, 2008 -- Echo-Xpats prides itself on the
clients it works with, who provide true testament to the exceptional success of each
and every relocation. Echo-Xpats work with the most recognisable names of the IT,
FMCG, Logistics and Interior Design industries in the world, many of whom are listed
in the Fortune 500.

Since its inception in 2005, Echo-Xpats has gone from strength to strength,
developing strong ties with their clients, and the community.

Based on the strength of the relationships with existing clientele, Echo-Xpats is
looking at expanding their operation to provide equally high levels of service
around the Middle-East, and into emerging markets in Asia.

The reputation of www.Echo-Xpats in Dubai has developed beyond expectations since
its launch. Some clients choose to post blogs and posts in online forums about their
experiences, and promote the company's services. The on-going support and regular
follows-ups ensure the company maintains close contact long after the initial

Echo-Xpats was founded by a true expat. Having grown up in Singapore, and spending
time in Hong Kong, Philippines, New York and Texas, Nick Digby really understands
the stress and strains of international relocation. "We have always had the benefit
of structured support when moving from country to country, and I have seen the
positive impact it has had on our lives, and how comfortable and familiar we feel in
our new home" quotes Digby.

Nick Digby was educated and has worked at some of the finest hospitality
establishments in the world, including the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and the
Ritz-Carlton in Dubai. The transition to relocation seemed a natural blend of true
hospitality, and international experiences; "Having grown up and living oversees as
well as working within the best hotels, developing a relocation business felt like a
logical step - to merge first class hospitality with first hand experiences... The
birth of Echo-Xpats".

Echo-Xpats is not driven by profits, but the ever important satisfaction of their
clients. Every person, whether relocating to Dubai or repatriating overseas receives
a very unique service, tailored to their exact wishes. Echo-Xpats goes the extra
mile to ensure that whatever the transition, it is as smooth and seamless as

Indeed, Echo-Xpats takes relocation to another level. Clients are typically met at
the airport, with an additional benefit of a service to expedite them through
immigration. Once outside of the airport, the client is met by the consultant with
whom they have already built a relationship. The client is then whisked to their
temporary accommodation, in one of the companies luxury vehicles. The list of
premier services continues...

Echo-Xpats spares no expense with their clients, and wishes everyone to feel as
though they are VIPs. From the luxury vehicles, to coffee at the Burj-Al-Arab, to
annual fishing trips, every client feels as though they have been exceptionally well
looked after, and often refer to their consultants as 'First Friends'.

Echo-Xpats entertains each of their corporate liaisons from time to time, and uses
the opportunity to obtain feedback directly from within the heart of the
organisation. The feedback is used to develop the programmes offered to the
employees, and enhance the services they provide.

An example of the exemplary service provided by Echo-Xpats comes from their on-going
support structure. Typically referred to as a 'Help-Desk', Echo-Xpats realised that
the term was outdated and didn't promote its use. The development and implementation
of 'OnCall Concierge' ensued with great success. The service provides each client
with round-the-clock support for three to twelve months from their relocation. Many
clients choose to extend the support personally at the end of the term, and continue
to receive the highly personalised support.

The future looks bright for Echo-Xpats. Since 2005, the company has ensured to grow
organically, at a rate which is pleasing for existing clients. Echo-Xpats limits the
numbers of corporations it assists annually, to ensure that each of their employees
receives the usual, flawless service. This approach also ensures that each employee
benefits from thorough support, and has their relocation assisted from 'A-Z
Visit their new look website now at
For further information contact Nick and his team directly at -
T: + 971 (0)4 391 2252
F: + 971 (0)4 367 2526
E:, Nick Digby,, PO Box 502187
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Contact Details: Contact:
Nick Digby
PO Box 502187
Dubai, UAE
T: 971 (0)4 391 2252
F: 971 (0)4 367 2526

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