Released on: October 13, 2008, 1:17 am

Press Release Author: fritztv

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Are you tired out of watching your old television at home?
Willing to have some new advancement for the same entertainment? Here is the
solution for you-'Internet TV'.

Press Release Body: October 2008 - Television is one of the most common sources for
relaxation to mind. Internet television has been a source of excitement for almost
all age group people from children to elderly people. Its time to say good bye to
all televisions at your houses. Such an exciting product is made available to you at
your doorstep by Fritz TV.

All you need is your personal computer with an internet connection. The company is
introducing free TV that can be enjoyed from your computer. Free TV can be accessed
through the internet. This is free internet TV
which does not require any specific gadgets such as dish antenna. Just open your
browser and follow the URL You
will be able to see the home page of Fritz TV. This site provides you with the
facility of internet TV. The site has the software to view internet television. The
site provides variety of options to choose your field for entertainment. The site
provides you with complete guidance to select your desired free TV program.

The site is meant in particular for free internet
. Fritz TV is a free internet TV player. You can watch all your favourite
channels at any time and anywhere in the world. Internet television equips you with more user
friendly options. You just have click on one of your favourite channel from the list
of channels listed in the site. The site would automatically connect to respective
server and would get completely buffered within few seconds. You can enjoy watching
your favourite channel from the internet television.

This internet TV site facilitates you to search for movies, sport events, concerts
and much more. You will be able to browse through the latest movies. You can enjoy
watching the movie which you like the most. From Short Films to Full Length movies,
search for any movie and TV show you can think off. This free TV would serve you
with all you need.

Free internet TV has facility also to listen to
the music. Everyone like music as a whole but the genre will be different for each
and every one of us. Fritz TV provides you with all kinds of music. This free TV allows you to listen to songs from around
the world, and watch music videos of your favourite artists. Music channels of every
genre are available to you. You will be able to enjoy the essence of life, nothing
but the music.

This internet television entertains you with
sports channels too. From football to formula 1, it's here. You will be able to find
all kinds of sports events live on telecast with the help of free internet TV. Just
search for your beloved sport and enjoy watching it from the internet TV.

So why are waiting for? Just switch off your old television and switch on your
computer. Click to the URL, stay
connected and enjoy watching your favourite channels with better clarity.

65, Darwin St. SE17

Web Site:

Contact Details: FritzTV
65, Darwin St. SE17

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