How to Build Webstore-Is it Affordable with Martjack

Released on: October 8, 2008, 3:03 am

Press Release Author: Martjack Admin

Industry: Retail

Press Release Summary: MartJack will build free webstores for the dynamic online
presence of manufacturers, organized retailers, and single store owners and thus
enable them open themselves to online market.

Press Release Body: Several solutions are available in the market today to build
online webstores. Without having any technical knowledge, anyone can build free
webstore with the help of MartJack online webstore builder. The foremost thing is
that, it is absolutely free. You need not put hard efforts consulting different
experts. You need not wait for months too. Above all it is free of cost. Get is
readymade with MartJack within only 20 minutes of time. All your efforts, time, and
prices are reduced down to considerable level.

Online market is doing more nowadays. With the extensive availability of online
services, people are tending to use them for their comfort. Likewise, they are
reducing their manual efforts and saving time and making themselves comfortable. As
a result, online searches for products and product related information are growing
everyday. This evolution is necessitating the business sources like manufacturers,
dealers, organized retailers, and even single store owners to build webstores. Thus
they can open themselves to online customers. They can build free webstores using

Martjack is a user friendly e-enabler platform, developed by Reasoning Global
eApplications ltd. Reasoning has researched the current market and found the rapidly
growing untapped online market. The study reveals that in India, everyday, millions
of online shoppers are searching online for different products. These online
searches are substantiating the power of online market in India. Focusing on this,
Reasoning has created MartJack for the dynamic online presence of manufacturers,
organized retailers, and single store owners.

Retailers open their stores in certain commercial areas where they find good
customer flow. Thus retailers and customers meet at a certain place called market.
But, today, online customers are going to online market too. How do retailers open
to online market? How can they meet the online customers? That is possible with only
web stores. MartJack will build free webstores for you.

Your webstores will reveal your existence to online customers. Manufacturers, and
their dealers, organized retailers and single store owners can make their presence
online by building free webstores with MartJack.

The outstanding features of web stores, try all possible ways to drive online
traffic from web to store. The store locator will let the online shoppers know the
nearest store and the product locator reveals the particular product availability at
the preferred stores. With deal locator online shoppers will find the announced
deals on different products. The digital map provides driving directions to the

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Contact Details: Reasoning Global eApplications Ltd.
205, Krishna Plaza, Khairatabad
Hyderabad- 500004
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 91 40 23316617
Toll free number:18004252968
Fax : 91 40 23316617

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