Is 666 the Number of Putin

Released on: October 13, 2008, 5:38 pm

Press Release Author: Fabio R. Araujo

Industry: Defense

Press Release Summary: This new book addresses old legends, prophecies, history, the
economy, international relations, and politics to convince the reader Vladimir Putin
is the Antichrist who will act after a strong global economical crisis.

Press Release Body: Fabio Araujo's website is visited more by Russians than by
Americans or people from any other country. The reason? He states Vladimir Putin is
the Antichrist. Even though his book Selected Prophecies and Prophets has a chapter
about this assumption, in The Antichrist: Is 666 the Number of Putin? (published
soon) the author is devoting a whole book to this possibility.

Author Araujo says "There are more prophecies about the Antichrist in our planet
than Jesus Christ or the Messiah expected by the Jews. Putin is a potential leader
to become the Antichrist. According to tradition, the Antichrist will come from a
Jewish family. I found out myself after some research that Putin was a name Russia
gave to Jews in the 19th century. Moreover, in 1999 the planets were in a
cross-shape formation in the sky in August immediately after Putin became Prime
Minister in Russia, on August 9th. The famous 1999 Nostradamus prophecy clearly
refers to Vladimir Putin. There are also a few coincidences, for example, the number
666.666666... is linked to him because he became President on the last day of 1999
(2000/3=666.66666...) and Vlad means Demon in some languages."

The author became interested in this matter after a premonitory experience 20 years
ago after which he began researching it.

Araujo has lived in Europe for some time where he has read rare books and
manuscripts in Latin, German, English, old French, old Italian, Portuguese, and
Spanish in various European libraries in different countries.

In his book Selected Prophecies and Prophets (2007) he has published what might be
the oldest prophecy ever published with the word "America." He translated it from a
Latin manuscript he found in Europe. This prophecy says the Muslims will attack
America. Araujo believes it does not regards 9/11, but a future event. Concerning
the current US elections, one of his articles is "The Black President," concerning
a 1926 prophecy about a future US President, who could be taken to mean Barack
Obama. Finally, concerning the current economic crisis he writes that this was
predicted, but the worst comes in the 2020s, then the time of the Third World War,
when Putin will be President of Russia for the third time.

About the Author
Fabio R. de Araujo is a historian, who has researched prophecies in Europe and in
the Americas for about 20 years. He is author of Selected Prophecies and Prophets
(2007) as well as other books and articles on the subject of prophecies published
in Europe and the Americas. He also been a book-collaborator. His books are
available at, and in the best bookstores.

Web Site:

Contact Details: For more information, please contact the author at You might also visit his website at

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