Izzirentacar(dot)com Expands its Services to The Netherlands

Released on: October 22, 2008, 12:25 am

Press Release Author: Miha Klancar

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: The Netherlands are one of the most densely populated
countries on the world. No matter where you go, you are never far away from

Press Release Body: Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 22, 2008 -- This week,
Izzirentacar.com is happy to announce it has begun its highly sought car rental
services in one of North-west Europe's most popular destinations, the Netherlands. A
wide variety of high-quality car makes and models are now available at
Izzirentacar.com, all at the economic prices our customers desire.

The Netherlands are one of the most densely populated countries on the world. No
matter where you go, you are never far away from civilization. Now, Izzirentacar.com
is happy to announce their car rental services have expanded into some of worth
seeing cities in the country: Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Maastricht.

If you haven't been to a capital of the country, you have to see it. "Many people
choose to visit Amsterdam because of its reputation for tolerance," said
destinations manager Damijan Milivojevic. Although, part of this reputation is
attributable to cultural misunderstandings. Prostitution is legalized and licensed
in the Netherlands, and in Amsterdam it is very visible (window prostitution). The
sale, possession and consumption of small quantities of cannabis, while illegal, is
condoned by authorities. This does not mean that you can get away with anything in

Eindhoven has a lively cultural scene. For going out, there are numerous bars on the
Market square, Stratumseind, Dommelstraat, Wilhelmina square and throughout the rest
of the city. It has a lot of festival during whole year, especially in summer time,
and that attracts mostly young tourists. Holidaymakers too have discovered the
convenience of Eindhoven Airport. Every year they welcome more and more leisure
passengers travelling to a growing number of destinations. And an expanding route
network allows us to continue to meet this rising demand.

Maastricht is another lovely city you have to see. The city contains almost 120,000
people, and is well known for its culture. The University of Maastricht helps to
attract many students to the city (many of which travel from abroad), many of whom
come to study either Business or Medicine. The city is split in half by a major
river (The Maas), with the majority of businesses being located on the Western Side
of the City, and the train station and the Bonnefanten (Maastricht's well known
Museum) being located on the eastern side. There is an airport near Maastricht, the
Maastricht Aachen Airport, which can be reahed by the local bus system, or by taxi.
Flights to Maastricht are more expensive, but more convenient than flying into
another city, such as Amsterdam, and traveling to Maastricht by train. However, the
Dutch airline KLM often offers specials for those transferring to Maastricht, so
flying directly to the city can sometimes be cheaper than taking the train.

Still the best way to get around the Netherlands is to travel by car, and finding
the best option for renting a car during your visit is what IzziCarRental.com does

Izzirentacar.com is a global car rental dealer with a special focus on Central and
East Europe. With very competitive prices and offering only high quality local car
rental providers it strives to be the number one on-line dealer in Europe.
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Web Site: http://www.izzirentacar.com

Contact Details: Contact:
Miha Klancar
Ahlinova ulica 23
SI - 1291 Skofljica
Ljubljana, Slovenia
3861 589 0860

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