Released on: October 29, 2008, 1:17 pm

Press Release Author: Dale A. Simmons

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: The 2nd edition of "Straight Talk for the New Public Speaker"
provides the information, tools and How-to's to become an effective public speaker
or improve your communication skills regardless of the profession.

Press Release Body: Temecula, CA, October 30, 2008 -- Dale A. Simmons renowned
public speaker and author of "Straight Talk for the New Public Speaker just released
his new book "Straight Talk for the New Public Speaker 2nd Edition". His new book
takes a straight line focused approach to becoming a capable public speaker or
business communicator and how to successfully market it using several avenues.

"What is meant by Straight Talk? Straight talk is just that, straight talk . No
hearts and flowers, straight to the point, no holding hands singing Kumbaya", stated
author Dale A. Simmons.

Straight Talk for the New Public Speaker received face lift from its first edition
and is now completed and published via Createspace, Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle and
soon to be released in audio book form.

Three new exciting chapters have been added based upon reader comments and surveys
with regard to the original "Straight Talk for the New Public Speaker." As stated in
Chapter 5 of the first edition, "a good public speaker must stay current with their
material. So, I guess it also should be stated, so should the author", stated author
Dale A. Simmons.

As a result of a survey taken in 2007 which addressed a recurring question, "Why
should I buy your book as I don't want a public speaking career?"; generated the
action to address that issue in its own new chapter. "The better your communication
skills are the more perceived value you can establish for yourself. Public speaking
is not only for the stage but for your everyday life both professionally and
socially. All the information in this book can and should be applied to your
professional career regardless of the profession", said author Dale A. Simmons.

The expanded, now Chapter 14 received a complete new section on "perceived value"
written to address the "How-To's" to establish perceived value for the new speaker
being the competition is so large. An additional new chapter was added addressing
the public speaker and the internet which addresses various ways one can present
their presentations via the internet.

The third new chapter addresses a very important part of the public speaking career
which is "Aftermarket". Its main focus is to show how to establish passive income
with a speaking career with various media. Previously, this was only touched on a
little as part of Chapter 11, Marketing in the original publication. But this part
is so important in the establishment of passive income it was embellished upon.

Dale Simmons, public speaker and author, branded as the "WhyMan" is well known for
his humor, quick wit and direct approach regardless to the subject. President/CEO,
DSE Consulting incorporated and Founder of Team ProVision "Professional Growth,
Marketing and Business Success" seminar series.

Dale has 30+ years in the corporate market, of which 25+ in the management field.
Designed, developed and implemented countless public speaking seminars covering a
wide variety of business processes. His interactive style is totally outside the
norm and is well received by audiences everywhere.

Link to Publication*: https://www.createspace.com/3355881
Dale A. Simmons, President/CEO
DSE Consulting Inc.

Web Site: http://

Contact Details: DSE Consulting Inc.
43153 Bassano Dr.
Temecula, CA 92592

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