Marketing Software is Often First Created For Personal Use

Released on: October 13, 2008, 6:02 pm

Press Release Author: AdBeau Productions

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Tim Jensen and his fiancee Carrie wanted to share info on
their upcoming wedding on a blog so that friends and family knew of the latest
developments. They Just Wanted the Wedding Info to Stay at the Top of the blog, even
when new developments were posted. Tim found that he had to develop a new kind of
software -- a WordPress plugin -- to accomplish this. As someone involved in sales
and marketing, it soon dawned on him that this software could be useful to as an
online marketing tool.

Press Release Body: Tim Jensen Says WordpressListBuilder, the powerful New Internet
Marketing Wordpress plugin he created, "Started Out As A Gift To My Fiancee..."

Tim Jensen and his fiancee Carrie were putting together a blog to share info on
their upcoming wedding so that friends and family knew of the latest developments.

They Just Wanted the Wedding Info to Stay at the Top of the Blog

Each new post he wrote would automatically go above the main post that shared
important wedding info. Each time this happened, Carrie requested that he move the
info back to the top again. After all, people were primarily going to the site to
find the wedding information and should have to scroll way down the page to find it.

A Wordpress Plugin is Born

This is when it dawned on Tim that the best way to accomplish this would be with a
wordpress plugin that would keep the wedding information at the top of the blog.
Not finding plugin that could do this task, he outsourced the job of writing such a
plugin to a programmer (spending a fair chunk of money to do so). Tim Jensen says
that he drew some inspiration from Wordpress on Crack
(, an extraordinary
package offered by master internet marketer and php programmer Robert Plank.

Tim Jensen, forty and a father of five, markets cell phones for Alltel. He has a
Bachelor's Degree in Education and taught school band for 13 years. He says, "I am a
musician at heart, as are my kids." Now, he is applying his artistic sensibilities
in another direction.

Having experience in marketing, Tim quickly realized the potential of this plugin
for online promotions

After using his new plugin for its original purpose, Tim saw that it could be easily
be utilized for an array of marketing functions:

* to place an optin form to invite site visitors to signup for a free product or
maybe a newsletter
* a video sign up form,
* coupon.
* The possible uses for this plugin were boundless.

When it came the the potential uses of the plugin, Tim realized that the potential
uses for it were endless.

While Tim previously had previously had been involved in creating other applications
for online promotions such as a script for online dimesales, his upcoming wedding
has reignited his imagination and interest in online marketing like never before.

Tim Jensen shares sales ideas and experience at as well as several other blogs such
as and, and his sales
blog, where he shares sales tactics and marketing and promotion

Web Site:

Contact Details: 300 - 581 Cardero Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 3L3, Canada

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