Media Monitoring Triple Play Lowers Costs

Released on: October 24, 2008, 12:20 pm

Press Release Author: William Comcowich

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Integrated Service Covers Online News Monitoring plus TV News
Monitoring plus Consumer Discussion Monitoring in Blogs, Message Boards and Forums

Press Release Body: CyberAlert, Inc., a worldwide media monitoring company for
public relations and marketing, today launched the "triple play" promotion that
bundles online news monitoring, broadcast tv news monitoring and online
word-of-mouth monitoring into one integrated subscription service at the
substantially reduced price of $379 per month.

"As we all face a painful recession, CyberAlert's Triple Play offers an
extraordinary media monitoring value -- an unprecedented service at an
unprecedented price," stated Bill Comcowich, CEO of CyberAlert. "CyberAlert Triple
Play delivers exactly what every communications professional wants and needs at this
time - more media coverage, more good clips, more timely delivery, all at lower
cost," he said.

Unlike Triple Play promotions from phone and cable companies offering itty bitty
savings for bundled services, CyberAlert's Triple Play offers a massive 60% discount
from its standard retail rates.

The CyberAlert Triple Play package includes:
1) CyberAlert 4.0 - national news monitoring of 20,000+ online news sources
including news syndication services, newspapers (daily/weekly), consumer magazines,
trade journals, online news portals, and news Web sites of TV and news radio
networks and stations.
2) CyberAlert TV - closed caption monitoring of national network / cable TV news
programs and news programs on local TV stations in Top 100 markets.
3) CyberAlert WOM - consumer discussion (word-of-mouth) monitoring of 5+ million
blog postings each day in 50+ million blogs; 100,000 message boards, forums, usenet
news groups and complaint sites; and 200+ video sharing sites such as YouTube.

The service includes overnight e-mail delivery 7/365 of all clips found during the
previous 24 hours. CyberAlert also stores all clips in a fully-searchable online
database for anytime, anywhere access by anyone the client specifies, making it
ultra-easy to access, sort, and share clips.

With the Triple Play, clients can customize and individualize their search queries
with up to 10 key words or phrases in all media. There is no per clip charge for up
to 2,000 clips per month. CyberAlert offers a month-to-month service. No long term
contract is required. The offer expires on December 31, 2008.

At $379 per month, the triple play news and consumer discussion media monitoring
package is priced far lower than competitors' services purchased separately. The
price is also likely lower than the true cost of using in-house or agency staff to
monitor media with multiple search engines. The price is guaranteed for one full

More information on CyberAlert Triple Play is available online at or by calling 800-461-7353.

"At a time when budget cuts for public relations and marketing services are near
certain, we're doing everything we can to help PR and marketing professionals
relieve budget pain," Comcowich stated. "With this offer, we are making CyberAlert
to media monitoring what Vanguard is to mutual funds and Costco is to retailing -
high quality at the lowest possible price," he concluded.
About CyberAlert
Founded in 1999, CyberAlert is an independent worldwide press clipping, media
monitoring and Web clipping service that monitors over 35,000 online news sources
each day in 25+ languages in 169 countries. CyberAlert also performs consumer
'word-of-mouth' monitoring, by tracking 5+ million blog postings in 50+ million
blogs each day, and monitoring 100,000 Web message boards/forums and UseNet news
groups each day.

Web Site:

Contact Details: William J. Comcowich
President and CEO
Stratford, CT 06615

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