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Released on: October 14, 2008, 11:10 pm

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analysed in terms of journey purposes, including journeys to work and trips made for
business, shopping, leisure or other reasons.

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Executive Summary - In the year ending March 2007, the passenger receipts of the UK
market for rail travel amounted to GBP7.37bn, an increase of 11.4% compared with
turnover of GBP6.61bn in the previous year. This was largely due to a 12.1% rise in
the turnover of the national rail sector, although urban rail services also reported
healthy growth (of 9%) over the same period, while Northern Ireland Railways'
turnover increased by 21.5%.
The UK passenger rail sector is defined to include the services provided on the
national rail system by the infrastructure provider, Network Rail, and the train
operating companies (TOCs) under franchise, concession and open-access arrangements,
as well as the services provided by Northern Ireland Railways. It also includes
services offered by urban rail systems, including London Underground and other metro
and light rail operators, and the international services provided by Eurostar and
the Eurotunnel Passenger Shuttle. The activities of preserved railways - which are
regarded more as tourist attractions than transport operations - are not covered in
this it Market Report. The UK rail travel market is also analysed in terms of
journey purposes, including journeys to work and trips made for business, shopping,
leisure or other reasons.

Since 2003, there has been a significant recovery in demand for rail travel.
Economic growth and increasing road congestion have facilitated this development;
however, the increase in passenger receipts is largely attributable to fare rises,
which were considerably higher than the rate of increase in the retail price index
(RPI). The urban rail sector is dominated by the largest UK urban railway operator,
the London Underground, which, although it has a far higher annual turnover than any
single TOC, has not been growing as rapidly as other operators. Across the sector as
a whole, revenues have been growing at a faster rate than travel demand - measured
by the number of journeys and passenger kilometres (pkms) travelled.

In terms of legislation and the activities of the regulatory authorities, the public
sector has exerted a major influence on the financial performance of the rail travel
industry and in the perception of the travelling public. In 2007, significant
changes were made to the allocation of franchises to the TOCs, in line with the
Government's aim to reduce the number of franchises and to create a closer match
between these franchises and Network Rail's route structure. New franchises were
created, including East Midlands Trains, London Midland, London Overground, National
Express East Coast and CrossCountry, following the earlier steps towards the
implementation of this policy that were taken in April 2006, with the creation of
the Capital Connect and Greater Western franchises.

Despite some signs of a slowdown in the UK economy growth rate, the macro-economic
environment is generally favourable to the continued growth of the UK rail passenger
market. Travel on urban railways and international services is predicted to grow
more slowly than travel on the national network, with capacity constraints limiting
growth on the London Underground, and international services continuing to be
affected by competition from short-haul sea ferry operators and low-cost airlines

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