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Released on: October 14, 2008, 10:30 pm

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Press Release Summary: The summer is a great time of year for baking. The natural
response to the warmer weather would be to enjoy the outdoors rather than baking in
your kitchen, but it is quite the opposite

Press Release Body: The summer is a great time of year for baking. The natural
response to the warmer weather would be to enjoy the outdoors rather than baking in
your kitchen, but it is quite the opposite. Although you are working in the heat of
the oven, the snacks you can create are enough to cool you off while enjoying the
process of creating deserts yourself. The countless flavors that are fitting for the
summer atmosphere will make you forget about the heat in the kitchen. Many baked
goods also do well when served cold or frozen, making them perfect to help you cope
with and enjoy the summer.

When it comes to baking in the summer, fruit is often the centerpiece. Strawberries,
mangoes, limes and a wide variety of melons are commonplace. Homemade cream mixed
with berries also finds its way into many summertime desserts. If you want know more
kindly visit us at Muffins and pastries with exotic
fruit flavors also stand out this time of year. Then there are the cakes. From
decadent to fun, there is an abundance of variety available when it comes to
summertime cakes.

Using fruit for baking is wildly popular in the summer. The sweet juicy flavors
refresh the palate and provide a wonderful touch to recipes that fit the warm
weather. Making jam is also popular in the summer. Taking your favorite fruits and
turning them into jams and preserves is not only delicious, but also relatively
easy. It is a baking activity fit for the entire family. If you really want to make
the activity outstanding, bake your own bread to go along with the jam. You can even
bake the bread over a fire when you are out camping for a perfect culinary
adventure. Pies are also a popular use for sweet, summertime fruits. If a classic
pie does not quite fit your style, you can use piecrusts, cookie dough or even basic
pizza dough to make fruit pizza. Make the dough yourself, use yogurt or a similar
spread able food for your sauce and spread fruit around the dough to make an
irresistibly sweet delight.

Muffins and pastries are also very popular baked goods for the summertime. Mixing
your favorite fruits into your favorite variety of muffin dough can make a perfect
summer breakfast. Peaches, strawberries, raisins and bananas make for wonderful
ingredients in your muffins and pastries with these fruits are a perfect baked good
for your sweet tooth. Kiwi, pineapple and blueberries also go wonderfully in your
muffins and pastries in the summertime.

A great part of summer baking is cakes. Fresh fruits find their way into cakes as
well. Banana cakes, strawberry shortcake, pineapple cakes and others are all
extremely popular when the weather heats up. Fruit filled cheesecakes also tend to
be baked frequently in the summertime. You can also login onto Including ice-cream with your cakes is a great way to keep
everybody cool. Another summertime trend is making cakes in exotic shapes. Whether
it is a watermelon cake both in flavor and in design or a towering castle of
confectionary delight, the options for cake design in the summer are infinite. Other
popular elements of design are flowers, butterflies, vines and collections of fruit.

As if the fruit muffins, pastries and cakes are not enough, summertime baking also
features includes ice cream. Bake some French toast or Belgium waffles then add your
favorite ice cream, fresh fruits and any other toppings you may enjoy. You will have
yourself a dish to cool the summer heat and delight your taste buds simultaneously.

When you have exhausted these recipes, you can try making your own scones or fried
dough. Another option is to make your own jam to go with your dough. If there is
still more that you want to do, try fondue. Melt some chocolate or peanut butter and
add in your homemade jams, this allows you have all the dips you could need. Bake
some fried dough, mix in fresh fruit, and dip it all together to liquefy your

Baking in the summer has endless possibilities. However, in the end it all boils
down to using a wide variety of fresh fruits. Whether you are making jam, bread,
muffins, pastries, and cakes or enhancing your ice cream, the key to baking in the
summer is in the fruit.

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