Zero2Riches Gets a Complete Makeover

Released on: October 16, 2008, 6:45 pm

Press Release Author:

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Were people just not interested in getting FREE CASH on a
daily basis anymore?

Press Release Body: Before 10/13/08 Zero 2 Riches steam had slowed down to just a
little fizz.

For some reason the Z2R Free Cash System just was not as hot as it once was when it
was 1st introduced in July 08.

Was there to much competition in the marketplace with all the programs or systems
that come out on the Internet and CLAIM to be the latest and greatest thing?

Were people just not interested in getting FREE CASH on a daily basis anymore?

These are just a couple of questions Shane and Greg had to ask themselves. See Shane
and Greg are the creators of Zero 2 Riches and it was up to them to change something
to get the fire back in the members and the prospective members.
So they sat down and decided put their heads together and see what they could come
up with.

The 1st action they took was to create a replicated website for all people use once
they signed up.

They also decided to open it up to all our friends around the world and make in
International friendly. See before Z2R was just for open to the US and Canada, now
anyone anywhere can be a part of Z2R FREE CASH System.

Then they decided to seal the deal, they decided to make it so it comes with a 100%
Money Back Guarantee. WOW a 100% Money Back Guarantee, now this is unheard of in the

So they went to work and came up with the NEW & IMPROVED "Zero2Riches" that has
all the above and they decide to include $2000.00 worth of free training where
anyone just starting out can succeed and make FREE CASH daily.

Shane and Greg hit a home run with the redesign of Zero 2 Riches.

If you have not taken a look at the NEW & IMPROVED Zero 2 Riches, now is the
time to get started with Devin Hunter and FreeCashRocks dot com.

Web Site: http://www,

Contact Details: pob 435
camby, in 46113

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