cimatruck Software as a Service On Demand

Released on: October 21, 2008, 4:33 pm

Press Release Author: Corporacion CIMA CI

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: CIMA Truck is an integrated web solution focused on improving
cost-effectiveness and service quality of ground transportation companies through
automating and optimizing their operational processes.
-From work orders to the tire lyfecycle, control the process end-to-end.
-Keep track of every vehicle, driver and trip from a single location.
-Boost business performance with maintence and dispatch optimization.

Press Release Body: Make you fleet more efficient and let your business grow.

A high operative cost per truck and not being able to increase the utility per mile
of every truck is a common pain now a day's truck companies have. As high fuel and
tire costs rise it is more difficult for fleet companies to be profitable. At the
same time a constant price struggle with the competitive market is an everyday
milestone managers of this industry have to deal with.

Under such conditions are small and mid size ground transport companies able to
invest in technology? This is a constant question fleet themselves. On the other
hand has technology stopped being a nice to have and has become a most have in order
to be more efficient and allow your business to grow?

Yes, technology has become a must have for small a midsize companies. It is no
longer a luxury of big companies. How can you know the total cost of your vehicles,
which customers are profitable or reduce your costs if all the data of your company
is not integrated in one solution or if it is just in the heads of some? Does that
sound familiar?

Having the core information of your business all over does not let you take the best
decisions not accomplish your customer's expectations. The generates must add value
to your company, no matter how many vehicles you have. As it was said before
technology is a must have, as well it is very important to say it has become
affordable for everyone. You don't not have to invest in servers, maintenance fees,
or pay technical people. Software is now offered as a service, you only need to have
a PC with access to internet to be able to enjoy the complete benefits of a robust
dispatch and maintenance software.

Visit and learn how you can benefit of the evolution of technology
with a specifically designed software for ground transportation enterprises, that
helps reduce costs, truck down time and optimize fleet performance; just to mention
a few benefits to you may earn as you work with cimatruck.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Carla Hurtado
Silicon Valley

Tel. 186 6604 0661
6580 Via del Oro
San Jose, CA

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