The Instant Income Plan Revealed - Work From Home Strategy That Earn Regular People Seemingly Instant On Line Prosperity


Released on: November 18, 2008, 9:56 am

Press Release Author: Bill Koerner

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Enjoying success in the online home based business arena has just gotten easier. Bill Koerner and Darren Salkeld, (a very successful direct response marketing expert), provide details on how to build your own big ticket commission business from Zero to Seven Figures per year in less than 90 days though the application of five straightforward dynamic success fundamentals that every business plan or system needs.

Press Release Body: Vero Beach, Florida November 6, 2008 - Bill Koerner (, president of Transamerican East Funding (TEF), announced that TEF has joined forces with Darren Salkeld, President of Rocan International, Tarpon Springs, Florida to widely reveal the eagerly anticipated work from home business building blueprint known as the Instant Income Plan. Among other things they expose five straightforward dynamic success fundamentals that every home based business entrepreneur must immediately implement in order to achieve online financial success.

Koerner stated: ”We’re thrilled to be associated with Darren Salkeld and the Instant Income Plan. Darren has assembled an elite team of likeminded Millionaire Mentors who all agree that working smarter – not harder is the key to success. He has built -from the ground up - many wildly profitable businesses, over the last several years. There are common success threads that run through them all. This specific blueprint enables home based business entrepreneur’s to easily and quickly put it all together so they can finally succeed in any business venture is what The Instant Income Plan is all about.”

Koerner continued, “The Instant Income Plan is a standalone product that walks any entrepreneur through the steps, processes and marketing techniques necessary to succeed rapidly. The quicker the cash-flow arrives, the odds of success increase dramatically. The business model works regardless of where the entrepreneur resides. It’s called ‘Instant’ because it provides regular people an outstanding educational resource, creates an almost immediate online presence along with live support from a very successful company.”

Koerner goes on to state, “Darren’s background is very similar to many people in this country. He comes from a small town and he was taught that you have to work hard to be successful. Working hard has been a way of life for Darren. In the free Instant Income Report, Darren reveals the trials and tribulations he went through.

Darren has achieved enormous success but it was not overnight. He’s convinced you must be very committed, be crystal clear on your goals and have a burning desire to turn your life around if you ever want to realize your dreams as a reality. He states, just buying a product, whatever it might be, won’t do anything for anybody. Darren has witnessed good people getting sucked into Money making schemes, scams, get rich quick offers and other garbage online. Unfortunately, thousands of aspiring entrepreneur’s suffer this fate. You must be very careful and know what you are looking for. The Instant Income Plan puts it all together for the entrepreneur. It solves the money puzzle.”

How to source great quality products at a price that insures profit is an essential key to success and the Instant Income Plan teaches the entrepreneur precisely how to accomplish this. It guides you, in detail how to take any quality product and successfully market it for highest sale conversions in the shortest time period. Merged with supreme customer service, personalized follow up and continued added value makes for an extremely profitable combination.” For more information, personal guidance, video explanations and a Free report on direct response internet marketing strategies,


About Bill Koerner and Transamerican East Funding:
Bill Koerner is an asset based financing expert in the residential and commercial arenas and has provided hands on training to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide. Bill has developed many nationally recognized creative financial products for the real estate industry over the past 14 years and is the author of the nationally recognized Owner Finance Program.

As CEO of Transamerican East Funding, Bill is diversifying the company’s financial position by developing an immediate Internet presence as a marketing director and partner for the Instant Income Plan.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Bill Koerner
PMB 227, 505 Beachland Blvd., Suite 1
Vero Beach, Florida 32963



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