ElbowFriend.com Releases New Cushioned Armrest Attachment


Released on: December 9, 2008, 4:44 am

Press Release Author: ElbowFriend.com

Industry: Retail

Press Release Summary: The Elbow Friend is a new armrest attachment product in the ergonomic office and home chair accessory market. A more comfortable solution than currently available solutions, the product works by simply attaching over an existing armrest to provide enhanced comfort and ergonomic support to a user's forearm and elbow while working.

Press Release Body: BURBANK, CA, December 10th, 2008. ElbowFriend.com is now offering the Elbow Friend, a new level of armrest comfort in the ergonomic office and home chair accessory market. The Elbow Friend is an effective 8" long, padded cushion that attaches on top of a chair's existing armrest, to provide an affordable armrest replacement for home, office or waiting room chairs. The Elbow Friend was created by a Film & Television Editor who's spent more than a decade working in uncomfortable office chairs developing various forms of wrist, shoulder and neck discomfort. The result is the creation of a more affordable, simple to use and comfortable solution than the currently available solutions.

According to a study by Ergonomics Consulting Firm Humanics Ergo Systems, Inc., "Armrests relieve loads on not just the arm, but the neck, shoulders and arms...Working with unsupported arms may impair circulation, restrict the natural range of shoulder motion, degenerate shoulder tendons, and dramatically shorten time to fatigue. Supporting one's arms can help prevent neck, shoulder and arm pain and discomfort."

The product works by simply attaching the hook & loop straps to a chair's armrest and cinching to secure in place. The stretchy cushion is filled with ergonomically friendly, rounded pellets which provide a very soft, pliable and more comfortable rest for the elbow and forearm than other solutions utilizing gels or foams. The Elbow Friend will give instant relief from most of the hard, molded plastic armrests of the economy office chairs that dominate offices today.

The Elbow Friend is currently available and retails for $14.95 for a pair.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a sample product or demo), contact Stephen Goetsch or visit http://www.elbowfriend.com.

About ElbowFriend.com
ElbowFriend.com is a subsidiary of The Legacy Mill, LLC, and was created by a Film & Television Editor who has spent more than a decade sitting in uncomfortable office chairs. He has strived to create a simpler, more comfortable and more affordable alternative to the currently available solutions. Elbow Friend is exactly what a friend should be....caring, supportive, fun to be with and always there for you.


Web Site: http://www.elbowfriend.com

Contact Details: Stephen Goetsch, Owner
1204 West Victory Blvd, Ste B
Burbank, CA 91506
(818) 421-3291



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