HopHunt.com is Going to Give Away $500 Million worth of Free PPC Traffic Ads


Released on: December 19, 2008, 5:39 am

Press Release Author: HopHunt.com

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: HopHunt, the notorious new one-stop cleaner search engine is going to give away $500 million worth of free ppc traffic ads and no one can stop it...

Press Release Body: HopHunt, the notorious new one-stop cleaner search engine is going nuts.

It was so determined to give away $500 million worth of free ppc (pay per click) traffic ads in a short period of time. No one can ever stop it even the big Internet ppc companies.

In fact, it has already given away over $100 million worth of free ppc ads to webmasters and advertisers in just 8 months and it never stops.

Thousands of webmasters, Internet marketers, affiliates, bloggers, seo experts and ppc managers became sponsors and got an average of $50,000 each worth of free ppc traffic ads.

They were now secretly promoting their websites, blogs, products and services for free and get quality search engine visitors for nothing while others lose their hard-earned ppc money.

For just a minimum of $0.05 cents per click, sponsors can get up to one million of quality free search engine visitors using the $50,000 worth of free ppc traffic ads.

This is the same in the real ppc world, advertisers bid as much as $30 per keyword to outbid other top competitors and earn profit or lose money if they were not so clever.

If you are a newbie marketer you are likely to lose money on ppc advertising but if you try to advertise for free at HopHunt using the free ppc ads, you have nothing to lose but you always gain ppc experience.

It's very easy to get $50,000 in free ppc traffic ads at HopHunt. Just create a free sponsor account, then inside your account you can create as many ads and keywords as you like to promote you websites, blogs, products or services.

With the ever rising cost of ppc ads today, advertisers were losing money while ppc
companies were earning billions of dollars of your ppc money.

It is worth your time to try HopHunt one-stop cleaner search engine and avail the free ppc offer while it's free or until we have given away $500 million worth of free ppc traffic ads.

For more Information about HopHunt and How to Get $50,000 in Free PPC Traffic Ads, just visit http://www.hophunt.com.


Web Site: http://www.hophunt.com

Contact Details: Richard McBuffet
New York
Fax: 1-347-626-2675



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