npower urges companies to be energy efficient as the economy bites


Released on: December 8, 2008, 5:31 am

Press Release Author: npower

Industry: Energy

Press Release Summary: npower calls on small businesses in the UK to be more energy efficient and save up to 20 per cent on energy bills

Press Release Body: Small businesses in the UK are being urged to be energy efficient and save up to 20% on energy bills as the economy continues to bite.

The call comes as energy company npower completes a series of small business energy makeovers which have shown that saving energy is often one of the easiest ways of reducing costs and can be done through simple steps that together make a big difference.

npower's energy efficiency makeovers have helped four businesses cut their energy spend by £1,200 and, at the same time, reduce CO2 output by almost 4.9 tonnes. With many SMEs facing difficult trading and financial uncertainty, npower believes these energy efficiency measures serve as examples of the cost savings that can be achieved in all workplaces.

Reducing the air conditioning temperature setting in a pub by a mere 2 degrees C will provide a cost saving of some £232 a year, while energy saving measures implemented at a printing press will be enough to cover the running costs of one of its machines everyday for nearly four months. Simply defrosting the fridge freezer and replacing lighting will contribute to cutting a car auction's energy bill by £300, while draught proofing doors and changing light bulbs in a shop could lead to savings of £400 on its energy bills.

npower's team of energy saving experts visited the range of businesses - including a pub , small printers, car auction and a shoe repair shop - to offer practical assistance to reduce energy consumption .

The team replaced light bulbs with energy saving equivalents; defrosted fridges and freezers; switched kettles to eco-friendlier alternatives; adjusted air conditioning and fitted reflective radiator panels; fitted timers to electrical equipment to switch if off when not in use; draught-proofed doors and even installed a wind-up radio and solar powered phone charger, substituting them for existing electric equivalents

"At times like these, every penny counts and we've demonstrated simple steps that small businesses in any sector can undertake to save money." said Steve Fitzsimons, business energy manager at npower.

"Our recent survey has shown 60% of British adults believe that energy is being wasted in their businesses yet when you're busy running your company it can sometimes seem difficult to dedicate time to cutting costs. Putting in place a range of energy saving measures for little or no cost will cut their energy bills without compromising operations," added Fitzsimons.

Businesses wanting advice on cutting energy bills should visit npower, where they can sign-up to receive an advice pack and free Current Cost monitor, which will help them track how energy is being used.

About npower:
npower is dedicated to helping UK businesses use energy more efficiently and therefore spend less money on their bills. npower aims to have a positive impact on the communities it serves and reduce customers’ carbon footprints whilst always improving the service to customers.

npower specialises in risk management solutions, including market-leading flexible energy purchasing, energy efficiency, and broader energy management functions, tailored to every size of business. For major energy users, npower offers multi-utility management consultancy to enable organisations to improve efficiencies right across the procurement/consumption chain.

npower is committed to helping its small business customers to improve their energy efficiency. Since 2006 the ‘e3’ campaign (standing for energy, efficiency, environment) npower has offered business customers advice and guidance on reducing energy consumption. New business customers receive an energy monitor designed to improve their consumption awareness as well as access to a dedicate energy efficiency telephone helpline and website.

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