Custom Direct Presents Its Team Excellence Award To The QA Work Standardization Team


Released on: January 28, 2009, 6:30 am

Press Release Author: Stephanie Demetriou/Custom Direct

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Joppa, MD January, 2009—As part of its journey to becoming a World Class Organization, Custom Direct started the Team Excellence Award Program. This year, the prestigious award was given to the QA Work Standardization Team for its outstanding performance in upholding the missions of Custom Direct.

Press Release Body: Custom Direct has presented the Team Excellence Award to project or process improvement teams for three years. Receiving this award is the highest honor that an employee can receive while working at Custom Direct. Teams are eligible for this award if they have completed a specific project or process improvement that supports an organizational strategic objective. If the team has met these criteria, then those employees can be nominated by the team sponsor. This year, the three finalists were the QA Work Standardization Team, the Light Print Reject Reduction Team, and the MPEA Application Writing Team. These finalists presented to the Executive Team to determine which one would win the Team Excellence Award for 2008.

The 2008 winner of Custom Direct’s Team Excellence Award was the QA Work Standardization Team. The team members included, Gloria Griffin, Fran Harris, Teresa Jones, Jen Sanches, Vicki St. Clair, the team leader, and Sherry Jordan as facilitator. The set of objectives for this team were to develop standard work instructions for the QA process in order to improve workflow and minimize the number of defects. Since their new process was put in place, the team members have seen productivity improve as much as 35% and reduced cross shipments by 81%. These winning team members will receive a letter of recognition from the CEO, trophy, cash award, and a lunch with the Executive Team. Congratulations to everyone on the QA Work Standardization Team! Your hard work is very much appreciated as Custom Direct continues on its journey to becoming a World Class Organization!

About Custom Direct:

Offering an array of products, Custom Direct is an environmentally friendly company that has been operating since 1992. Initially only producing checks, Custom Direct has grown to produce other stationary products, custom designed and printed products, and anti-fraud services. With so much to offer, Custom Direct truly has something for everyone.

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