Integrity Financial AZ Opens New Communications Center to Position Them for the Coming Exodus on Wall Street


Released on: February 19, 2009, 12:12 am
Industry: Financial

IFAZ LLC opens a new communications center to help Wall Street and Recession weary investors looking to weather the economic storm. The Recession is causing a meltdown on Wall Street, but IFAZ clients are consistently earning double digit annual returns. IFAZ believes that opening this center will open a fresh dialogue with investors and believes that the center will be a first step for investors looking to turn around their financial misfortunes.

SACRAMENTO, CA -- February 18th, 2009 --IFAZ LLC opens a new communications office in the face of the collapse on Wall Street. With the S&P down over 1000 points since Election Day 2008 and with the evaporation of over 12 trillion dollars of private wealth from 401ks/ IRAs and from private home equities, there is a bright light emerging within the private financial sector.

According to Stanley Paulic, CEO of Integrity Financial AZ, LLC, "I hear countless stories from across the country, I understand why the majority of people are afraid to do anything, especially involving change; however, if one waits to recoup their investment losses to the 2007 values, sadly they will wait for nearly a decade, according to some economic reports."

Integrity Financial AZ LLC opens a new communications office even in Wall Street's darkest hour proving that integrity and service is always in demand and that true communication requires a little listening as well. IFAZ LLC believes that transparency and open communication are the cornerstones of wisely investing in the midst of an economic crisis.

Between 1926 and 2007, the average return for the S&P 500 Index equaled 10.37%. Investment Brokers will soon however, "have to face the music," states Stanley Paulic. The dogma for years that has been echoing within the halls of most financial brokerages has been to keep your money invested in the market for the long haul because as an aggregate it has always trended upwards. This mantra along with some new advice has many investors scratching their heads in wonderment as advisors are instructing clients not to look at their monthly statements. Others have suggested their clients open a lock box for their statements, leave them unopened and to throw away the key.

Paulic and his firm has a different prospective. Many of the individuals he talks to "can't afford to wait 10 minutes much less 10 years to make up the short falls as many people who feel stuck in the market are just about ready to hit the retirement rolls in record numbers. Many have watched the decimation of their hard earned portfolios evaporate as if they where watching a Ground Hog Day version of the movie 'How Enron Was Mismanaged'." There is no way to sugar coat it with the market down 30-40% many investors need to find alternatives to stimulate their retirement portfolios.

The IFAZ leaders hope to stem the tide of negative growth within investor portfolios by introducing them and setting them on new path light years away from the volatility on Wall Street. They are hoping the new communication's center can help provide an outlet for investors who need to turn around their financial situation in the short term and help guide them on a long term program as many do not have another viable investment alternative.

IFAZ LLC touts that their clients consistently earn a fixed investment return of 10% APR. "The one thing we want our clients to have is a good investment experience and to have them open their statements on a monthly basis without the fear. There are a lot of people that will never be able recoup their losses of 2008 because of their age. This is exactly the problem that IFAZ has set out to remedy," concludes Paulic.

IFAZ LLC is headquartered in Sacramento, CA. They assist families to get out of the "hope mode" and into the "action mode". The government monitored websites on the IFAZ LLC webpage removes any doubt that "we say what we mean, and mean what we say." More information about IFAZ LLC can be learned at

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