Fast Approaching Ban On Tungsten Filament Bulbs


Released on: August 24, 2009, 12:09 pm
Author: P Thompson/GW SUpplies
Industry: Environment

Get Ready for the Ban on Tungsten Filament Bulbs says GW Supplies - Lighting and electrical suppliers.

Dartford based GW supplies provide electrical supplies to the trade and public. They are concerned that many UK households aren't prepared for the imminent removal from sale of most tungsten light bulbs.

Due to an EuP directive all non clear tungsten bulbs will be banned from manufacture from 1st September 09. This means pearl, frosted and opal bulbs of all shapes and wattages will be removed from sale. 100W clear bulbs are also being discontinued.

Many UK consumers have delayed moving over to energy efficient bulbs because of compatibility issues with their light fittings or dimmer switches. GW supplies stocks a wide range of low energy compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) that replace most old fashioned light bulbs. Consumers can choose from a wide range of high quality MEGAMAN bulbs including candle lamps and dimmable bulbs that are compatible with standard dimmers, provided you check the minimum dimming wattage on your dimmer and stay within the limits.

GW supplies is also concerned that consumers may try to mix old fashioned bulbs and energy efficient bulbs in the same light fitting. Consumers are advised to replace all the bulbs in a light fitting with suitable compact fluorescent bulbs, this will give a more aesthetically pleasing effect and eliminate any compatibility issues.

The good news is that the light output of this new generation of bulbs is the same (if not brighter) than the equivalent tungsten filament lamp but uses 5 times less energy i.e. 11W energy saving bulb = 60W tungsten bulb.

To see the full range of high quality, good value long life MEGAMAN lamps visit Gurney & White Ltd at

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