Consumers Appreciate Variety in Products From Carousel Checks


Released on: September 10, 2009, 7:31 am
Author: Carousel Checks Inc.
Industry: Financial

Consumers who are looking for an alternative to the traditional method of ordering checks are turning to Carousel Checks for their needs. The company offers online checks in a variety of styles. Customers who choose to deal with Carousel Checks can have their order shipped directly to their door by the shipping method of their choice.

Personal Checks are available in a number of styles. The customer can choose checks with images that reflect their work, hobbies or interests. Choices include firefighter and farm themes. Customers can also choose from various sports themes, including bowling, basketball, billiards, football, golf and fishing. Other images available on checks from Carousel represent flowers, different ethnic groups, flowers, food, religious images, and more.

Once a customer has selected the theme they are most interested in, the process for ordering checks is quick and convenient. Rather than having to travel to the bank during regular business hours to place an order, Carousel offers customers a secure server where they can order products from their computer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Carousel keeps information about the correct spacing for banking information in a database. If a customer has questions about whether the company has up-to-date information on their bank's specifications, they can call 1-888-422-6122 to confirm. If the records aren't current, the customer can request a form to provide the required information to Carousel Checks.

Customers who order online checks can place their order in varying quantities, ranging from 150 and 960 checks. Each order includes a number of deposit tickets and a transaction register. Carousel Customers can select a typeset and add a monogram to their checks, if desired.

Other products offered by Carousel Checks include address labels. The customer can choose to add coordinating labels to their order when they place the order for their checks. Ink stamps with up to four lines of type are available, along with check book covers.

Customers who choose to order online checks from Carousel have the option of personalizing them with their phone number and/or Driver's License information if they wish. They also have the option of providing their own image to the company to have custom checks printed.

The company allows customers to submit their own image to have custom checks printed. Before the order is run, the image is examined by a photo professional, who can use their expertise to improve its quality. The image is forwarded to the customer by e-mail for their approval before their order is printed. The custom image can also be used for address labels.

Carousel Checks provides a quality product at prices that are reasonable. This company wants to develop long-term relationships with its customers, and for that reason it doesn't charge more for repeat orders. Customers can choose to receive their checks by UPS (Next Day, 2 Day or Ground), Priority Mail, or Bulk Mail, depending on how quickly they would like to receive their order.

Ordering online checks makes good sense for today's consumer. They can place an order that reflects their personality any time of they day or night. Carousel Checks offers its customers a combination of reasonable prices and convenience that makes this company's offerings an attractive choice.

Carousel Checks Inc. is a company that offers custom Checks to individuals and business owners alike. The company's online checks can be ordered quickly and conveniently. Along with an extensive line of checks, Carousel also offers address labels, check book covers, and other accessories.

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Carousel Checks Inc.
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