Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together and ACCION-Texas Launch Joint Micro-lending Program to Help People Establish Businesses



Released on: September 28, 2009, 4:35 am
Author: Margaret Pulles, PuMa Communications & Cultural Services
Industry: Non Profit

San Antonio, TX – Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together (MATT) and ACCION-Texas, a national micro-lending organization, have jointly created the MATT Micro-lending Assistance Program (MMAP) designed to help individuals establish their new small enterprise.

“The beauty of this program is that we not only provide them with financial assistance but with technical support as well to help ensure their success” says Janie Barrera, President & CEO, ACCION Texas-Louisiana.

The MMAP program depends on the generosity and financial support from businesses and donors to succeed. MATT, a non-for-profit headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, has committed to securing financial supporters to ensure the continuation and success of the program. “Our goal is to assist people help themselves. We have many talented people who need some support and direction to succeed in life. That is what we are committed to do, in association with ACCION-Texas,” comments Aracely Garcia-Granados, executive director of MATT, who helped devise this initiative after she learned that ACCION-Texas is a non-profit and needs 3 million a year in order to serve its constituencies.

MATT will identify and secure businesses to support ACCION-Texas. However, MATT’s contribution comes with a twist. “We are going after Mexican-owned companies so that they give back to the community that has helped them succeed,” confirms Garcia-Granados. “We need to cultivate a sense of philanthropy among Latinos and this is one small way to do it.”

MMAP-San Antonio is possible due to the generosity of Anne-Marie Grube, owner of La Tradicional Tortilleria. As a successful small business owner, Anne-Marie jumped at the opportunity to help others realize their dream. She knows how hard yet liberating it is to be an independent entrepreneur and when approached by MATT and ACCION-Texas, she agreed to be the first to help establish the MATT Micro-lending Assistance Program in San Antonio. “There are many talented people in our communities, especially among Latinos, who just need a little counseling and financial support to make the American dream come true. I am glad to have had this opportunity to partner with MATT and ACCION-Texas. I cannot think of a better cause and a more needed program.”

It is MATT’s goal to work with its national network of supporters to identify communities where MMAP is most likely to succeed. “At this point, we want to get the information out there to create interest among potential donors but we are also going to aggressively promote this program and get supporters. There is a lot of need out there and we are committed to make this program work for those who will most benefit,” concluded Garcia-Granados.

Attending the program launch in San Antonio included Secretary of State Esperanza “Hope” Andrade, MATT Board Member Ernesto Ancira, City Manager A.J. Rodriguez, and San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Ramiro Cavazos.

For more information on the MATT Micro-lending Assistance Program-San Antonio, contact ACCION-Texas at 210.507.4283 or MATT at 210.270.0300.

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Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together (MATT) is a San Antonio-based, bi-national, non-profit organization. MATT’s mission is to bridge the gaps of understanding between Mexicans and Americans and address quality of life issues so both nations may truly prosper together. MATT, through its national grassroots network and presence in Washington, D.C., implements productive and effective projects focused on immigration integration, economic development and education. MATT is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of business and thought leaders from the U.S. and Mexico. For more information, visit our website at or call MATT toll free at 1-866-980-MATT (6288).

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