Santa Letters by Marty The Mouse Surpass Letters From Santa Himself


Released on: November 3, 2009, 2:16 am
Author: Hailei Corin
Industry: Internet & Online

Little Marty the Mouse couldn’t wait to start writing his first Santa letter. After his recent worries about the possibility of being on Santa’s Naughty List, Marty was finally feeling a little relief. His cousin Jingles, who happens to one of Santa’s Christmas Mice and official mail helpers, gave Marty some great tips about Santa Claus and how to stay on his Nice List. You see, Jingles gets to read letters written to Santa, as well as personalized Santa letter written by Santa Claus himself.

It seems that Santa just wants children everywhere to be the best they can be. This of course includes things like school work, helping around the house, and just being nice – but it also means listening to adults. That is the part that worries Marty the most. After all, his school work is good and he always does his chores, and everyone says he is one of the nicest mice in the wall of the big house. But Marty does sometimes disobey his parents.

In case you didn’t know – our little Marty is full of adventure. He loves to explore the big house, but the problem is, Marty is not supposed to venture out into that big space by himself. But if you know Marty, you know that his sense of adventure sometimes gets the best of him and he gives in. That’s why Marty plans to write lots of Santa letters this year.

He plans to build up the momentum of what he wants to say. Marty knows that he shouldn’t start out by asking for Christmas presents. Instead, Marty has decided that his first Santa letter will simply be a ‘thank you’ for all the great things that Santa Claus brought him last year. Last Christmas was wonderful! Not only did Marty get a new bike, but he also got a collection of books about his favorite hero, “Courage Mouse”. Marty wants to grow up and be just like Courage Mouse; this little hero travels the world to find mouse families that need help in some way and then he makes sure they get just what they need. Courage Mouse is nice to kids, grownups and animals. Marty will be sure to add some details about some of the fabulous journeys of Courage Mouse so Santa will know just how much he likes the books.

Marty’s next Santa letter will include information about his school work and how he is passing all his spelling tests now. He’s sure that Santa Claus will like that. And the next letter will cover things like Marty’s chores and how he helps his mom with dishes and his dad with the garbage. Marty plans to add some stuff about helping his little sister Maria with her homework and helping his older brother Marshall paint his bedroom. Marty’s excitement grows as he plans his Santa letters – he is sure that Santa Claus will be impressed with all he’s done this year.

The next part of the plan is to include a Santa letter that explains how much Marty loves adventure and how he wants to grow up to be like Courage Mouse. Do you see how this plan is supposed to work – Marty is trying to show Santa his good side so he can stay on Santa’s Nice List!

Next in the series of Santa letters, Marty plans to get to the business of explaining about leaving his home in the wall of the big house to explore. That’s the letter Marty is nervous about. But he knows that Santa already knows if he’s been bad or good, so Marty understands that being honest and telling Santa the truth is important.

As Marty begins writing his many Santa Letters he daydreams about what will happen. Marty hopes that Santa answers each one – can you imagine how many personalized Santa letter that would be! As Marty finishes each letter he carefully folds it and puts in an envelope addressed to Santa Claus at the North Pole. Marty doesn’t care if he has to stay up all night in order to finish the letters – this is something that must get done. And when they are all ready to go Marty will mail one letter to Santa each day – that will give Santa time to read one before the next one arrives. Marty is excited – he knows his plan will work!


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