Affiliates at Clickbooth Maximize Organizations' Marketing Budgets


Released on: January 11, 2010, 5:21 am
Industry: Advertising

Reduced marketing and advertising risk pushed Clickbooth to number 5 in the Inc. 500 fastest growing businesses in 2009. With their breakthrough approach to online marketing Clickbooth expects continued growth and a continual refinement of products through 2010. It is going to be a great year for organizations that discover Clickbooth. Publishers, otherwise known as affiliates, are brought together with advertisers through Clickbooth in order to benefit both sides of the fence. The network affiliates are producing increased return on investment (ROI) for organizations and it is transforming how organizations are viewing the placement of their marketing and advertising dollars.

January, 2010 – is changing marketing. It has traditionally been difficult for several organizations to determine how one can best maximize their advertising dollars. Clickbooth has been turning the marketing and advertising industry on its ear over the past few years by having advertisers and affiliates network together through their innovative program.

The affiliates share revenue with advertisers in a high-integrity forum, which has resulted in increased ROI and greater traceability of organizational expenditures. As a result the network affiliates are transforming the marketing and advertising landscape and funneling organizations’ budgets from traditional types of advertising to more effectual and accountable methods of marketing.

Clickbooth streamlines the process for advertisers to access high-integrity affiliates for synergistic marketing campaigns. The affiliates network is populated by some of the best in the business. Many of which, work exclusively with Clickbooth.

The result of the network affiliates program boosted Clickbooth to number 1 in the advertising and marketing category in the Inc. 500 for 2009. Their growth over the previous four years was 12,000%. Achieving such a high growth rate in the marketing and advertising industry does not happen unless marketers and advertisers are getting something valuable for their money.

The basic program benefits both the network affiliates and advertisers. The increased impact of the affiliates network is causing many organizations to re-think and re-appropriate where they are placing their marketing budgets. This is a direct result of not only the greater effectiveness of the marketing strategy, but it is also due to the greater accountability and traceability of the cause and effect relationship turning marketing into registrations, transactions and sales.

Much of the benefit of the program is due to the compliance team that is responsible for ensuring that the affiliates and advertisers work in a high-integrity environment. The Clickbooth compliance team ensures that the environment is free from network affiliates with disingenuous motivations. Should any of the affiliates attempt to cheat the system, the compliance team removes them from the network.

Clickbooth is driven to exceed customer expectations by providing innovative products and the best affiliates network available online.

For more about Clickbooth and their network affiliates visit:

Clickbooth was created in September of 2002 in the industry of Internet marketing developing a strong affiliates network. They rigorously screen and monitor the affiliates in order to ensure a reliable environment. With over 10,000 network affiliates, Clickbooth is changing the face of marketing in a wide range of industries.


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