Drug Rehab Discusses Synthetic Alcohol And Implications For Alcoholics


Released on: January 25, 2010, 1:04 am
Author: Mountainside Drug Rehab Center
Industry: Healthcare

LONDON , ENGLAND-- In London , England , ex-drug tsar David Nutt and other drug experts have created a synthetic alcohol that gives drinkers a buzz without the hangover. And perhaps an even better bonus, no matter how many drinks a person consumes, they only become mildly drunk.

The team has developed the colorless, tasteless drink using chemicals related to the sedative Valium. It works on the nerves in a similar way to alcohol, causing the user to be relaxed with feelings of well-being. Their hopes are that it will eventually replace the alcohol content in beer, wine and liquor and that it will significantly reduce binge drinking as well as reduce the number of deaths from alcohol poisoning.

While some may herald this as a true scientific breakthrough, professionals at Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center aren't as optimistic. "For a person struggling with an alcohol or other drug addiction, this could actually be the catalyst that starts a long cycle of binge drinking. For the alcoholic, there is no middle ground. A common expression among recovering alcoholics is 'one drink is too many and a hundred's not enough'- and that really is true for an alcoholic. The feeling of 'the buzz' only prompts the alcoholic into drinking more in an attempt to increase the effects of the alcohol. They are continually chasing that elusive temporary feeling of escape that alcohol brings. When an alcoholic can't achieve the results that he/she seeks, often times they move on to something more potent that will give him or her the desired feeling they are chasing. We strongly believe that's a dangerous road for an alcoholic or any drug dependent person to start down."

The drink created by a group at Imperial College in London is still required to go through British government approval as it's technically classified as a drug. That process could take years and as such, the unnamed drink may never be brought to market.

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