Invest in Life Insurance Now for Your Children


Released on: January 15, 2010, 3:31 am
Author: Meha Ahmad,
Industry: Financial

Nothing is more precious to a parent than the guaranteed protection of their children. Children’s life insurance is among the most valuable protection a parent can invest in. It offers a variety of benefits and is affordable. According to a recent article by, parents willing to spend several dollars each month can obtain valuable coverage for their children throughout their lives.

No parent wants to contemplate about the time when their child—whether they’re 8 months, 8 years, or 80 years old—will pass on. But it can be a very valuable and wise to make the investment when it’s at its most affordable, according to the article, ‘Children’s Life Insurance: A Solid Investment.’

There are many reasons to compare life insurance rates for children, though parents may not want to think about any of them. Some reasons include:

1. Funeral/burial costs. A child’s death yields some expensive funeral expenses—bills you won’t want to worry about if you need to grieve. Burial costs and grief counseling alone can range between $6,000 and $15,000.

2. It won’t cost much. Children’s life insurance can cost mere dollars a month. And if you fix the rate at the earliest opportunity, your child could have life insurance coverage throughout their life and benefit from such an amazingly low rate.

3. Ultimate protection. “Life insurance can be hard to obtain for people with unfortunate genetic traits or preexisting conditions. Investing in children’s life insurance cuts the risk of your child being denied coverage later on in life if they develop a disqualifying condition,” the article states.

Talk to a local life insurance agent immediately to discuss your child’s life insurance options and the benefits of obtaining this coverage early in life. Remember, the right children’s life insurance policy could end up providing funds to put towards your child’s education, income, or their own family’s financial future.

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