Narconon Holistic Alcohol Rehab Programs With the Highest Success Rates


Released on: January 26, 2010, 4:27 am
Author: Narconon Vista Bay
Industry: Healthcare

Narconon boasts a 70 percent success rate for its graduates at the five-year mark. What other program can say that? Certainly not the majority of the traditional, 28-day programs, which report that only 15 to 20 percent of those they helped get sober remain so after that time period. Narconon VistaBay takes a holistic approach to treating alcohol addiction that combines physical detoxification with cognitive therapy, all in a peaceful setting in Placerville, California. This successful program has a fixed cost and no time limit. Clients leave when they are ready to live a sober life.

January, 2010 – Beating an addition to alcohol isn't easy, which is why those suffering should seek treatment from a program with a proven track record. Seventy percent of alcoholics who graduate from the Narconon program are still sober five years after treatment, compared to the average 15 to 20 percent success rates of traditional 28-day programs. Narconon VistaBay combines physical detoxification with cognitive therapy to achieve these amazing results, and the fixed cost with no time limit ensures that an alcoholic can heal at his own pace.

The first step toward helping an alcoholic reach his goal of sobriety involves clearing the alcohol from his system. This isn't as simple as stopping drinking and waiting for the effects to subside. Alcohol, like drugs, leave residues in the system. Those residues are stored in fatty tissues then released later, which can trigger mental and physical cravings. Through daily sauna treatments, exercise and vitamin supplements, Narconon Vista Bay helps the alcoholic rids his body of all traces of alcohol. With the residues gone, the chances of succeeding as a sober individual increase.

Once the alcoholic has gotten clean, the Narconon program begins to look at the causes of the addiction. Through individual and group therapy, the client studies the behaviors and relationships that were a part of his former life as an addict. He must recognize that they lead to his alcohol abuse, before he can move toward life as a sober member of society. Once he has accepted his role in the addiction, he can begin to learn new life skills that will help him to cope in ways other than the abuse of alcohol. The lovely setting of Placerville, in the Sierra Foothills, comes into play at this point for Narconon VistaBay clients. The small-town atmosphere provides low-stress outings, such as supervised shopping and hiking trips.

In addition to its drug-free, holistic approach, Narconon Vista Bay also differs from other alcohol addiction programs with its length-of-stay flexibility. No two people are the same, which means no two alcoholics will recover at the same pace and during the same time period. Traditional, 28-day programs exist at that length simply because that is what most insurance companies will cover. With its fixed cost, no time limit approach, Narconon Vista Bay allows the alcoholic to stay until he is healthy and whole. Graduates of the Narconon program say the combination of a mind-body approach and the relaxed, heal at your own pace attitude are what helped them find another way to live.

About Narconon VistaBay: Narconon VistaBay has helped thousands of alcoholics beat their addictions and get their lives back. With a 70 percent success rate, it doesn't make sense to waste time anywhere else. For more information on the facility, please call 877-604-7257 or visit The Narconon Vista Bay success rates prove that the program works. Why not put it to work for you or someone you love.


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