CalDocs Announces the Satellite Scan Station for Remote Record Scanning

Released on = November 29, 2004, 8:53 pm

Press Release Author = CalDocs

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = New Record Imaging and Management System Makes Record Retrieval Fast, Secure and Cost Effective

Press Release Body = Irvine, CA - November 30, 2004 - CalDocs, a leading provider of record center solutions, announces availability of their Satellite Scan Station (SSS). The SSS provides record centers and their clients with a unique solution to access remote record storage securely via the Internet.

The SSS is the next generation in record management solutions. The SSS replaces courier or truck delivered files. Now conventional paper documents can be scanned, indexed and uploaded to a data warehouse for immediate access. The power of the SSS
eliminates the need of IT personnel and can be operated with little or no technical expertise. All documents scanned by the SSS are securely uploaded to the CalDocs Data Warehouse eliminating costly servers and operating systems. Security, reliability and ease of use are the keys to the success of the SSS.

The SSS can employ either back file scanning or scan-on-demand services. These added
services will increase customer satisfaction and productivity by digitizing only
what needs to be retrieved and keeping the remaining documents archived. The process
is simple. The client submits a request for a record that is to be retrieved and
scanned by the record center team. Once the record is scanned, the client is
notified and has immediate access via the Internet. The client can share, view,
print, e-mail or fax the file anytime from anywhere.

To ensure security and privacy, the SSS solution uses built-in transparent
safeguards that comply with federal record keeping guidelines (5015) and HIPAA. SSS
includes user authentication, digital certification, 128-bit encryption and other
methods for protection and privacy throughout the entire process. The CalDocs Data
Warehouses are trusted Verisign® servers.

"The CalDocs Satellite Scan Station is a revolutionary solution for companies
looking for a cost effective and team productive process to manage archived
documents” says John Ermoian, CEO of CalDocs, “the return on investment of the SSS
is great for any company that generates a significant amount of stored paper

The Satellite Scan Station is available now. Additional information can be found on
the CalDocs web site at By phone, CalDocs may be reached at
(800) 595- 1498.


About CalDocs

CalDocs is a leading supplier of software and services to record center managers.
These services include document conversion and records and data management. Our
mission is to create secure, cost effective, time productive records management
systems that allow our customers to efficiently and cost effectively manage their
documents using the Internet. With products such as the SSS, CalDocs can provide
records quickly and less expensively than conventional delivery van service. We
specialize in tailoring the technology to meet our customer’s particular needs. We
pledge to deliver the best service and to meet or exceed our customers’

Press Contact:

John Ermoian
(949) 679-2600

Web Site =

Contact Details =
17922 Sky Park Circle, Suite J-K
Irvine, CA 92614
Tel: 800.595.1458

Fax: 949.474.6962


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