The Florence Maranuk Limited Edition Doll Collections Evoke
An Artistic Quality To Be Cherished For A Lifetime

Released on = November 19, 2004, 8:14 am

Press Release Author = Nick Volpe

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = The Florence Maranuk Limited Edition Collectible Dolls capture the imagination of the human spirit. Decorative as well as magical, you will enjoy finding places to display them. Designed to remain timeless for an entire

Press Release Body = Succasunna, NJ -- November 19, 2004 -- There are many things that come under the category of collectibles. Some are fun to participate in; others have their own endearing quality. I myself have collected coins, comic books and baseball cards to name a few. But it wasn’t until I had three little nieces enter my life that I discovered the beautiful artwork of Florence Maranuk. Her limited edition doll collections are so exquisite that they put you in awe. All three of my
nieces now possess their very own incredible Florence Maranuk doll to treasure and enjoy their entire life. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to check out these dolls and discover their magic. You will not be disappointed.

The workmanship is top rate, using exceptional materials. The colorings of these magnificent works of art possess a lifelike quality. And those eyes…oh those eyes will melt your heart and will follow you wherever you go. Most of the Florence Maranuk dolls have porcelain faces, breastplates, hands, arms and legs. You will ask yourself, how is it that they’re not real?

I was astonished on how close in resemblance some of the dolls were to my little nieces. There is little “McKenzie” who I swear looks just like my three year old niece. Then there is “Morning”, whose appearance is so like my youngest niece. With
the beauty and artistry that Florence Maranuk has created in her dolls, there is bound to be one that you can relate too.

I have two favorites that caught my heart. Now I am not a doll coinsure by any means, but I know art and Florence Maranuk dolls are just that…artistic expressions of life. Having experienced the ancient ruins of Greece and Italy along with some of the world’s most extraordinary artwork I find that these dolls are no less inspiring than the works of the masters.

Tree fairies have been known to be playful and mysterious. It’s no wonder, that my favorite, without a doubt is “Eternity”, a woodland tree fairy who sits upon a grass-covered base. With poseable arms and legs she can be positioned in a variety
of poses. She is also able to stand should you choose to display her that way. But sitting on her grass-covered base conjures up fantasies of woodland fairies looking to play with any who enter their realms. Her name is synonymous with time itself. For you see, woodland fairies are as everlasting as our own imaginations.

“Miracle” embodies all that her name evokes. One look into her eyes and you’ll believe in miracles. I first saw “Miracle” in a catalog book and fell in love with her stunning face. But as pictures go, it could not capture the true “miracle” of her essence. She is an angel from heaven. Her soft face, white handkerchief dress and large wings give her an angelic look.

There are over one million Florence Maranuk Dolls in the hands of enthusiastic doll collectors worldwide. Florence Maranuk, the founder of Show-Stoppers®, was born in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. She founded Show-Stoppers® in 1983.

Florence Maranuk’s fascination with travel brings her to some of the most exotic cities and countries worldwide. It is her love for travel, combined with her deep fascination in people and children throughout the world that is reflected in her

Knowledgeable collectors passionately seek the Florence Maranuk Doll Collections. Attention to details is what has made these collections so successful. Exquisite materials, expressive sculptings and the innovative designs combine in an art form that makes her dolls speak for themselves; desired collectibles, treasured as gifts.

The author, Nick Volpe searches for unique artifacts created from the imagination of the human spirit. These Florence Maranuk Limited Edition Collectible Dolls are a testament to that endeavor. The Florence Maranuk Dolls mentioned within this article
can be viewed on his collectibles and home décor website at

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