Glucosamine To Help Protect Cartilage Suggests

Released on: March 30, 2010, 6:12 am
Author: NaturesBest
Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Recent research has shown that supplements including glucosamine do in fact protect and build cartilage tissue rather than purely acting as a pain killer designed specifically for joints.

Glucosamine is a compound that exists naturally within the body. Made up of glucose and glutamine the compound is needed within the body to aid the formation process of cartilage and other body tissues. As humans grow the production of glucosamine slows which weakens the cartilage that serves to protect our joints.

Glucosamine made from chitin, a chemical found within the shells of shrimp, crab, lobster etc, is extremely popular both in sulphate tablet form and in liquids such as sports drinks. Vegetarian glucosamine supplements are also available from many health stores, which may be suitable for individuals with allergies to shellfish. In recent years there have been many studies that questioned the potency of the supplement, which has become popular in many health stores across the world.

Doctors are now beginning to stand by glucosamine in supplement form after recent research has proven that easily accessible supplements do in fact protect and build cartilage rather than just combating pain symptoms. Rheumatologist Dr Rod Hughes, from St Peters Hospital, Surrey, explains that the recent breakthroughs in research conducted in Belgium have shown that previous studies concluding that Glucosamine is merely a placebo must indeed have been inaccurate.

'The results showed a statistically significant difference which could be measured in thickening of the cartilage,' said Dr Hughes. 'Glucosamine is one of the chemicals of which cartilage is made, feeding the chondrocytes which produce the strong healthy cartilage which is the shock absorber of the joints and it's that which wears out in osteoarthritis.

Successful athletes, particularly those playing high impact sports that place joints and cartilage under huge pressure have often proclaimed the benefits of such supplements.

“Sports men and woman can now feel reassured in their choice to use supplements to strengthen their cartilage and protect their joints. It is never too early to think about looking after your body.” explains Tom Kalton owner of popular health blog

It is always important to understand however that supplements are not an alternative but merely a supportive measure to a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of a well rounded and nutritional diet, as well as sensible workouts that include proper stretching, warm ups and cool downs, are all equally as important and must not be forgotten.

As with any medical problem it is always advisable to conduct your doctor if you are experiencing joint issues. specialises in providing informative and insightful information related to supplements, vitamins, multivitamins and other new health products on the market. Established in 2009 the site has become a trusted and cited resource within the industry.

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