Help Street Children Reaches Out to the Children of Haiti


Released on: March 03, 2010, 3:15 am
Author: Help Street Children
Industry: Non Profit

Experts estimate that political instability and extreme poverty left thousands of Haitian children living on the streets long before the earthquake that brought Haiti into the public eye. Help Street Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping street children around the world, is reaching out to give these children the resources they need to build a better future.

"Our main purpose is to provide special protection for the world's most vulnerable children," says Guy Ali, president of Help Street Children. "We believe that every child should be given a fair start in life, regardless of their background."

Statistics show that over half of Haiti's population is under the age of eighteen. Many of these children were orphaned by the earthquake. Others were given up to other family members to raise or forced to work the streets long before the disaster struck.

"These children are deprived of affection and protection. They do not have access to food and education, and are constantly under the threat of all kinds of violence, including sexual abuse and exploitation," said Sylvana Nzirorera, former UNICEF Haiti Communication Officer.

Many of Haiti's children will die in the streets or become criminals in order to survive. Help Street Children is fighting to give these children a second chance by offering them food, water and an education. The dire situation in Haiti, however, has overstretched the organization's resources.

"[We're] in desperate need of any type of donation for the children of Haiti," says Ali. "Your donation will help street children.have access to clean drinking water, meals and an education."

The organization is currently looking for donations to buy food, clothes, shoes and balls to keep the children occupied and off the streets. Soccer is a favorite pastime for the Haitian people.

Sponsors can choose to make a cash donation for Haiti street children or purchase a bag of Hispaniola coffee from $5 from each bag sold will go toward providing desperately needed supplies for Haiti's children while supporting Haitian farmers.

"The earthquake couldn't break the spirit of the Haitian people. Even after so much pain [and] suffering...they remain defiant and unbroken," says Ali."Help Street Children needs your help to make the lives of street children as normal as possible."

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