Men's Fashion Retailer Unveils Spring/Summer 2010 Jacket Range


Released on: March 23, 2010, 6:44 am
Author: ChoomKa
Industry: Apparel & Fashion has announced its new line of 2010 spring jackets featuring a classic collection of masculine outerwear ready to perform.

This year’s jackets for men are designed for the on-the-go lifestyle. Function is essential. Today’s man wants to look sharp but demands performance from his jacket and he expects all the elements to be in place. Subtle tones and active cuts can be found from almost all of the top men’s designers.

“This season’s look is grounded, it is both relaxed and athletic; there’s nothing pretentious or frivolous in these style. This no-nonsense feel seems to unite the entire line of jackets. Although many styles are inspired from past seasons, flashy and gimmicky details are hard to find this year."

The Green Movement is definitely influencing men’s fashions. The colour pallet and functional designs all reflect earth-friendly trends. Earth tones are increasingly popular with khaki, deep browns, and muted greens taking centre stage. These popular colours continue the theme of the let’s get down to business style. Although black is still popular, it is taking a back seat to the forest shades.

“Many jackets are 100% natural fibre and we expect this trend to continue into the future. Jackets from designers like Peter Werth and Original Penguin offer a range of all cotton and natural fibre blends. Wool blends are always on demand and organic fibres are just beginning to be seen in jackets."

Branding on jackets tends to be less obvious then on jeans and shirts, and that’s especially true this season. Logos are most commonly found above the front chest pocket but you can also spot them on the back, along the bottom or tagged on the side. Even though the brands may be a little harder to spot, all the big names offer jackets in 2010.

Contact Details: PO: Lee Ritchie
5 Mona Terrace



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