Tyre Retailer Blackcircles.com Starts 2010 With A New Look, A New Service And Another Award


Released on: March 01, 2010, 8:10 am
Author: Blackcircles.com
Industry: Automotive

A new year is often a time for a change, an overhaul, a new look. That is exactly what happened at Blackcircles.com. Since 2010 began, returning visitors to the award winning and highly popular tyre retailer's website will have noticed that things have changed for the better.

A lighter layout and easier navigation system, as well as a simpler yet safer purchasing process have helped to enhance the already high standards of customer service that Blackcircles.com has built its reputation on.

Since the launch of the new site, customer feedback has been very positive; with the customer comment section of the website receiving many 'new look' related messages. According to the online tyre retailer, one of the main focuses for the change was to make the shopping experience - which its customers went through - even easier than it had been previously. One look at the feedback shows that they've managed exactly what they set out to do.

Michael Welch founder and Managing Director of Blackcircles.com, when talking about the site said, "I'm delighted with what the guys have developed. The site is looking great and is a lot easier to get to grips with".

Just after the successful unveiling of the new look, Blakcircles.com received more good news in the form of a Hitwise award for July -December of 2009. They received the award after being ranked in the top 10 of the 'Shopping and Classifieds - Automotive' category for the latter half of the year.

Richard Rankin, Head of Ecommerce at Blackcircles.com, was very pleased with the award and predicts that with the recent makeover that next year they can look forward to more awards in 2010 - "we're understandably very happy and proud to have been handed the award and look to build on this achievement in 2010."

As well as the new look, Blackcircles.com have launched a new car servicing option for consumers on the lookout for inexpensive yet reliable maintenance. By using the network - over 1,100 across the UK - that they have built up over the years, Blackcircles.com can offer motorists the chance to have their car service at a local service station for up to 60% of the price of many of the high street dealers.

Despite this new offer being in its infancy for the company, they have made great strides into the servicing sector and are receiving bookings from motorists all around the UK who want to take advantage of their impressive prices.

About Blackcircles.com
Michael Welch founded Blackcircles.com in 2001 and today they are one of the top online tyre retailers in the UK boasting over 300,000 customers. One reason for their huge success is that when compared to high street dealers, visitors to their site often find that they can make up savings of 40% on their car tyres and up to 60% on car servicing.

Contact Details: Blackcircles.com
Rowan Court
EH45 9BU
Tel : +44 0845 620 2000
E : pr@blackcircles.com



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