U.S. Branding Group Acquires WEBKEY.COM Domain


Released on: March 11, 2010, 3:50 am
Author: Cory Williams
Industry: Advertising

West Palm Beach, FL. - Technology and E-marketing solutions company, U.S. Branding Group, LLC today announced their acquisition of the domain www.WEBKEY.com. With the recent worldwide launch of their innovative patented USB Insert™ - a breakthrough new product that integrates a detachable customized die cut paper web key into magazine ad inserts, brochures, mailers and print collateral, the company felt that the new domain name would be a better fit for their technology driven marketing solution.

"USB Insert™ and USB Insert ™/Pharma - is the first print to web tool that helps bridge the gap between traditional and E-marketing", said Rich Butler, Managing Director. "Essentially our product is a routing device, or webkey, that whisks users away to a micro site, landing page, multimedia experience or presentation where they can learn, interact, engage, participate in a promotion, or simply shop".

According to Butler, unlike the more expensive USB Flash Memory Sticks with pre-loaded content and storage flash memory, the USB Insert™ webkey is never static - simply change your creative strategy and continue to drive target audiences online again and again.

With increasing numbers of people using the web to obtain information about a broad range of products and services, the USB Insert™ webkey is a compelling innovative marketing solution for today’s digitally connected world.

For more information about USB Insert™ - the first print to web tool, contact The USB Group at: tel: 561-966-8070, email: info@usbinsert.com or visit www.WEBKEY.com



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