Vista Bay Drug Rehab Facilities Take Holistic Alcohol Treatment Programs To Recovery For Life Success Status


Released on: March 26, 2010, 9:20 am
Industry: Healthcare

Vista Bay Drug Rehab’s innovative methodology has resulted in an astonishing success rate of seventy-six percent. In comparison to the typical twenty percent successes, Vista Bay is a leader in the industry. The ground-breaking approach offers a holistic line of attack which treats each client as an individual. This means that personalized care plans are developed and every aspect the being is addressed. The holistic alcohol program developed and utilized by Vista Bay Rehab facilities is meticulous and comprehensive. The result is that rehabilitation addresses physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual concerns. Additionally, these facilities provide an aftercare program.

March, 2010 – Vista Bay Drug Rehab offers an avant-garde approach to alcohol treatment that is taking the industry by storm. The holistic methodology used results in an extremely high rate of success. At 76% success rate for clients that have completed the program and remained drug and alcohol free for a year, Vista Bay is one of the leading programs in the nation. One of the most obvious reasons for this achievement is the fact that Vista Bay Rehab is based on the philosophy that the completion of the program ‘takes as long as it takes’. This philosophy combined with the holistic approach and the aftercare program results in extraordinary success rates.

The typical stay in the Vista Bay Drug Rehab program is 3 to 5 months but some clients may stay less than three months and others may stay six months or longer. The key is that each client begins the program with different skill sets and with varying degrees of needs. Because Vista Bay works diligently to insure that clients are ready to re-enter society before graduating, some will graduate sooner than others. This allows time to provide all clients with the tools needed that will help to provide a life of recovery.

A holistic approach is one that is extremely thorough and all inclusive. Each aspect of the person’s being is addressed. This comprehensive technique requires that the rehabilitation concentrates on physical needs as well as mental, emotional, social, and even spiritual. For more information about how the program works Vista Bay Drug Rehab videos are provided at the websites. These videos help explain the program and answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Because the Vista Bay Drug Rehab program approach is so detailed, no stone is left uncovered. These facilities are located in beautiful California settings. And while each environment has its own unique appeal, each Vista Bay facility offers a setting that helps to calm the soul. This frees the clients to be more open to the program itself.

As clients enjoy the calm that oftentimes has been missing from their lives, the Vista Bay Rehab holistic program is working to cleanse and strengthen their bodies, minds, and spirits. The educational process and therapy works to provide the information and tools needed so that each client can transition smoothly back into a life free of drugs and alcohol. Several Vista Bay Drug Rehab videos have been developed to help explain more about this process.

Vista Bay has one of the highest success rates in the industry. While the average success rate is 20% this program proudly boasts a success rate of 76%. The approach used by Vista Bay Rehab is unique because it is holistic in nature and it is not restricted to a specific timeframe. The program is founded on the philosophy that ‘it takes as long as it takes’. This distinctive approach toward alcohol and drug treatment is more thoroughly explained in the Vista bay drug rehab videos.

Leland Michaels


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