Exelement Brings a Variety of Birthday Adventures


Released on: April 26, 2010, 4:18 am
Author: Jane Smith/ Exelement
Industry: Sports

April 26th, Middlestoke - Birthday presents are so hard to choose, in particular for men. What can you give them? A tie? You can't do that since ties are the expression of a man's personality. Aftershave? How can you choose the best one from all the possible fragrances? A CD or DVD? The recipient probably has all the CDs for his favourite musician. Exelement knows how hard is to please a man and that is why the company is offering the one thing that never goes out of style: adrenaline, in the form of a thrilling gyrocopter flight taken right from a James Bond movie.

Taking to the Skies
Exelement has put together a very tempting package in the form of a small gyrocopter that is waiting for you to take command. This particular extreme experience has all participants hopping inside this strange vehicle... a helicopter that is also a plane. You are taken up by the overhead blades, which provide the upward lift, while a powerful fan on the back pushes you forward. This is a very unique chance to try these small vehicles which are one of the closest feelings to actually flying on your own: shielded from the winds by only a small frame and transparent glass, you can glide through the landscape and have the chance to take the controls yourself! Interested in Other Options?

While riding one of the mini-helicopters is fun enough, some people might be looking for something a bit more extreme. Exelement knows this, after all, the following package has been on their best-selling list for a long time. And what is this extreme experience? Well, bungee jumping of course. There is very little that can match the pure adrenaline rush that leaping from a 160 feet high platform can give you. It is just you, a giant (and very resistant) elastic band around your ankles and the air rushing past you. Making that leap of faith is what bungee jumping is all about, that and bouncing skywards with massive G force once you get to the furthest the cord's extension will allow, of course. If you think you've seen it all, take up bungee jumping for one of the best activity days you can ever have.

Contact Details: 21 Wilbury Grove
Brighton & Hove
United Kingdom



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