New Facebook Advertising Tool Delivers 11 Proven Tactics For Getting Business Booming With Facebook


Released on: April 21, 2010, 8:57 pm
Industry: Advertising

While some companies struggle to survive online in today's cutthroat online business environment, many are doing better than ever. Largely because they have mastered the proven but little-known strategies of making Facebook advertising actually work.

That's the opinion of Roger Hall, an independent copywriter and producer of the just-released tool for Facebook advertisers, the "Facebook Advertising Text Generator".

"Online advertisers and their agencies today need solid, reliable information on what works in Facebook online advertising - and what doesn't," says Roger Hall, Facebook advertising specialist and author. "As a freelance online copywriter I have hundreds of people contacting me asking questions such as;

- How can I structure Facebook advertising that will get a good response?
- How can I get more cost-effective results from my Facebook ads?

I developed the online Facebook Advertising Text Generator to give these folks some of the answers. What makes this tool different is this; it's not based upon theories or untested ideas. Each of the methods built-into the tool has been thoroughly tested and proven by leading US e-commerce research companies.

Unlike many of today's information sources, Hall points out; this tool is available at no charge. "A lot of companies can’t afford to hire consultants. And it takes time to read an entire book, listen to a CD or attend a seminar," notes Hall. "This free tool, containing 11 proven Facebook advertising tactics, has been created for them and takes less than 2 minutes to get."

The Facebook Advertising Text Generator tool can be accessed online, free of charge, right now by visiting;

The free tool is available to all online advertisers – both large and small - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact Details:
8345 NW 66th St #2603, Miami, FL 33166-2626

CONTACT: Roger Hall email or phone 800 667-1307



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