The India Project Announces to Investors Signs of Early Profit


Released on: April 29, 2010, 2:26 pm
Author: CEO Scott R Asher
Industry: Internet & Online

The India Project, a Phoenix rising from the ashes of former failures of creators, Scott R. Asher and Mark Pringle, demonstrates a new model for internet profitability. Rather than attempting to make any single website, “the next big thing,” it is creating a network of one hundred monetized and SEO optimized niche websites. The corporation’s prospectus calls for exploiting the talents of computer programmers in India to optimize the network of one hundred websites within thirty days under the direct supervision of computer programmer and website developer, Scott R. Asher in India.

According to Asher, the India Project also demonstrates the power of social networking. Remarkably, Asher and Pringle have actually never met. Their relationship was founded online with the single burning desire to make money. Pringle, a former client of Asher stated, “[w]hen Scott first told me of his idea to create a massive network of sites using the talents of Indian computer programmers, I could see the enormous potential of this idea. Having floundered in real estate, foreclosing on my thirty rental properties and finding the inside of a bankruptcy courtroom, I was poised and ready to act on a ‘big idea.’” According to Asher, “the idea came to me during my darkest hour. I had been cast as a character in a Las Vegas episode of the program ‘Cops,” wrongly accused of stealing mail from my own apartment complex. While defending myself against these ridiculous claims, it occurred to me that my energy was being wasted within the legal system. Once I turned my focus back to my entrepreneurial interests on the internet, the idea of the India Project suddenly became clear. I’ve had many big ideas over the years and meeting Mark online and feeling his enthusiasm was crucial to actually implementing the idea.”

According to corporate management, Scott R. Asher and Mark Pringle, “The investors of The India Project, have much to look forward to. With only one fifth of the projected websites created, we have already generated unexpected income.” According to Asher, “early signs of profit demonstrate the validity of the concept.” Pringle stated, “we have been concentrating our efforts on obtaining unique domains for the network, with minimal effort placed on content. To begin receiving income from our stock WordPress blogs at this point, was beyond our expectation. We’re now debating if our projection of a million dollars from the project is low.” Shares of the corporation are still available for purchase by individuals and the corporation now offers 400 shares available for corporate sponsorship. Pringle stated, “we are offering a unique opportunity for corporate sponsorship including stock in the company as well as advertising opportunities within the network. As always, I’m available to current and potential investors to discuss the financial information of the India Project. More information is available about the India Project on the company’s website,

Contact Details: The India Project inc.
PO Box 172
Baldwin City, KS 66006



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