Affiliate Network Leads Businesses in a Tough Economy


Released on: May 10, 2010, 9:52 am
Author: Sara Anderson /
Industry: Marketing

While many businesses and organizations are suffering from reduced revenues as a result of the difficult economic climate, the affiliate network of Clickbooth is producing results for their customers and partners that are unparalleled. By reducing risk and increasing return on investment (ROI), Clickbooth has established a business model that is helping businesses thrive.

While the concept is simple, the details are astounding. Clickbooth uses an affiliate CPA network of publishers also known as affiliates to produce revenue increasing marketing campaigns for many businesses. The CPA stands for “cost per acquisition” or “cost per action”. The result is increased value for both customers and partners.

May, 2010 – Traditionally, an affiliate network has been associated with radio and television networks that run advertisements for customers. In the context of Clickbooth, an affiliate network is a network of online publishers that direct customers to websites desiring sales.

The beauty of an affiliate CPA network is in the marginal cost of the advertising campaign. Where in traditional television and radio advertising there is a considerable upfront cost and no guarantee of success, and affiliate CPA network provides a little to no upfront cost with only expenses incurred when the advertiser produces a desired result.

In many ways, the affiliate network program is somewhat more elegant than traditional marketing avenues. Rather than a shotgun approach advertising to a broad spectrum of businesses and individuals, the affiliate CPA network produces targeted results with a one-for-one result and expense.

The success of the affiliate network program boosted Clickbooth to the number one ranking in the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing businesses in the marketing and advertising category in 2009. In the marketing industry, businesses do not grow by 12,000% by not producing value for their customers. The success of the affiliate network is due in part to some of the best affiliates in the industry and Clickbooth’s ability to maintain exceptionally high integrity over the network.

In many ways, Clickbooth has been able to fulfill a real market need. They have been able to increase ROI while reducing risk and improving the ability to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. The traditional forms of marketing all suffer from a lack of being able to effectively compete with the value of an affiliate CPA network. Clickbooth has changed the marketing landscape.

Clickbooth has been able to leverage the value of 24/7 access of the Internet and put together a high integrity affiliate CPA network that brings increased value to customers. The ability for businesses and organizations to use the Clickbooth affiliate network to produce increased sales at a lower cost has been a major contributor to Clickbooth’s success. However, the success of Clickbooth is perhaps more appropriately viewed from the perspective that they have enjoyed success by producing results for other businesses. was created in September of 2002 in the industry of Internet marketing developing a strong affiliate cpa network. They rigorously screen and monitor the affiliates in order to ensure a reliable environment. With over 20,000 publishers participating in their affiliate network, is changing the face of marketing in a wide range of industries.



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