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Released on: May 01, 2010, 2:29 am
Author: Bernie Grohsman, Founder:
Industry: Healthcare, the largest resource site for drug treatments and treatment options, has the information and directory listings that make choosing the right program easy. This website is a public benefit service which provides an extensive article and resource base about drug addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis. Besides being a treasure trove of information the site provides guidance and free assessments to the public. In short, is the ideal place to learn about addictions as well as to find the right treatment for a particular addiction or disorder. The site is not affiliated with any treatment center or treatment program. Its purpose is to help all people in need find a drug treatment center that will meet their expectations. This public benefit service helps those suffering with addictions while offering treatment centers more online visibility.

April, 2010 – is the largest online resource for drug treatments and treatment options information. The website provides a directory of over 11,000 drug rehab facilities but it is not directly affiliated with any of them. This means that each is represented in an unbiased and straightforward manner. This provides an opportunity for those seeking help to find exactly the right center for them and it offers the ideal platform for any drug treatment center to increase its visibility. Visitors to the website find articles and other resources that help them understand more about addictions and treatment options. Everything from addiction intervention to sex addictions is openly and thoroughly explained. The honest and frank approach to covering these topics results in a truer understanding from the readers and thus allows them to make better informed decisions pertaining to addiction treatment for themselves or for loved ones.

Many times the task of locating the right drug treatment center falls to family members or others that love the addict. This often requires that those in search of a facility must learn about the addiction and appropriate treatment options. The reality is that not all drug treatments work for all personality types. Much depends on the client’s comfort level with the particular facility and the approach used toward drug rehabilitation. If an addiction intervention is necessary it is extremely important to have plans regarding the chosen drug treatment center in place. The reality is there is only a small window of opportunity between the intervention and getting the addict into rehab. Taking the wrong approach can result in wasted time and effort and lost opportunities.

Because is the largest online database for information, resources, and Drug Treatments, it is the obvious place to find precisely the right treatment facility. Listings include facilities that are extremely inexpensive as well as luxury rehab centers. Help can be found for any type of addiction, disorder, and or dual diagnosis. provides a public benefit service by providing an online directory listing of drug and alcohol rehabilitation center facilities. The directory offers listings of virtually every type of Drug Treatment Center available. The website has become the ‘go to place’ for information about addictions, treatment options, and over 11,000 facilities. Not only can readers learn about such things as Addiction Intervention and topics currently in the news, but guidance and free assessments are also available. The goal is to help anyone in need to find an appropriate treatment option.

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