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Released on: May 31, 2010, 08:00 am
Author: Harrison Fielding
Industry: Internet & Online

Business leaders hear a great deal these days about reputation management online. When a business runs into a public relations problem, it hires a firm such as Internet Reputation Management to limit the damage online and regain control of search engine results for its name and relevant keywords. But what about a business without a negative reputation online? Or one without much of a reputation online, at all? It too can benefit from Internet Reputation Management's expertise, by having the firm sculpt search engine results in its favor and dominate important first pages. Not only does this strategy help to build a positive reputation for the business online, but it can lessen the impact of future negative information.

May 2010 – More and more businesses are making a preemptive strike when it comes to reputation management online. With the help of Internet Reputation Management, they are taking control of their reputation online with a powerful, preventative strategy that accentuates the positive and prepares for the negative. The California-based firm creates a customized plan for each client, a plan that includes a 90-day, money-back guarantee.

A preventative plan from Internet Reputation Management mirrors the firm's successful repair plans in many ways, as both sculpt search engine results and utilize aggressive search engine optimization methods. A preventative reputation management online plan begins with the identification of existing positive information about the business online. Next, Internet Reputation Management creates additional positive information in the form of websites, blogs, social media profiles, reviews and press releases.

Lastly, the firm uses its proprietary search engine optimization techniques to push the positive information about the business to the top of search engine results for its name and relevant keywords. This preventative strategy allows the business to dominate the first pages of search results for the terms. If negative information does become attached to the search terms, the business already has a strong grip on the important first pages. Only about 3 percent of search engine users make it to the last result on the first page, much less the second page. Essentially, the preventative plan serves as an insurance policy for the business, one that covers its reputation management online.

This particular insurance policy comes with a money-back guarantee. Internet Reputation Management provides documented results within the time specified in the reputation management online plan for the business and according to its “Agreement for Services.” If the firm cannot deliver documented change in 90 days, the client receives a full refund.

A business can trust that Internet Reputation Management protect its reputation while working on its reputation management online. The firm never spams, and its strategies appear organic to both search engines and customers. All client names are kept confidential.

Internet Reputation Management: Based in Ventura, California, the firm helps businesses and individuals to take control of their reputation management online. A team of online reputation strategy experts, public relations professionals, search engine optimization engineers, SEO copywriters, bloggers, project management specialists and account representatives all work to this end. To learn more about the firm's services, visit To set up an interview with a member of the firm, contact Laura Fahr at or by calling 877-259-6003. internet reputation management is located at 7770 Telegraph Road, Suite E432, Ventura, CA 93004.

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Author: Harrison Fielding
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