Network Affiliate Finds Good Home at Clickbooth


Released on: May 10, 2010, 10:06 am
Author: Sara Anderson /
Industry: Marketing

The goal of every business is to make money. This means making sales and increasing revenue over time. For a network affiliate, it means finding a good location from which to conduct business. Clickbooth has spent considerable time and effort to establish an incredibly high integrity network.

The value of a publisher network is evident by entire industries dedicated to helping businesses market their products and services to support their sales. There are essentially two roads that businesses travel. One is for the short term quick sale and the other is through high integrity business dedicated to long term profitability.

May, 2010 – Clickbooth is a shining example of a high integrity business that is dedicated to producing value for their partners and customers. In 2009, Clickbooth was ranked number one in the Inc. 500 as the fastest growing business in the marketing and advertising category. Their growth rate was 12,000%. Clearly, Clickbooth has innovated their way to the top by providing exceptional value.

Each and every network affiliate that is associated with Clickbooth goes through a rigorous screening process. Furthermore, they are monitored with the utmost detail to ensure that their customers obtain the desired results. What this means for their publisher network is long term sustainability. If Clickbooth were to allow a network affiliate to become and remain a part of their network that was abusing the system, then Clickbooth would lose customers wishing to advertise followed by other network affiliates opting to use someone else.

In order for Clickbooth to provide sustainable results, they must ensure that each network affiliate is conducting business in a fashion that does not place the rest of the publisher network at risk. The Clickbooth compliance team is considered the heart of their business. It is for good reason. Through their efforts and tireless attention to detail, they are able to provide services that make both publishers and advertisers increase value.

As a result of the scrutiny of each network affiliate, Clickbooth is able to attract some of the best publishers in the business. What is even more impressive is that many of these publishers work exclusively with Clickbooth. The growth of Clickbooth is testament to the effectiveness of their high integrity approach. Any network affiliate that is discovered attempting to abuse the system is promptly removed from the network.

While those businesses that try to become profitable through less than honorable means are finding it difficult to survive, Clickbooth is flourishing and is providing increased value to their customers and publisher network. The result is a steady but sure transformation in the advertising and marketing industry. They have addressed many of the problems with traditional marketing channels such as radio and television and in the process reduced risk and increased customer return on investment (ROI). Innovation goes a long way and so does integrity. is an Internet marketing business that was created in September of 2002. They help organizations leverage the Internet to drive sales incentivizing each network affiliate to produce results. Clickbooth’s publisher network provides advertisers and marketing departments the highest level of integrity and an increased ROI for their marketing budget.



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