Office Christmas Were At The RSVP10 Exhibition In London That Took Place On The 28th And 29th Of April


Released on: May 13, 2010, 5:37 am
Author: Office Christmas
Industry: Entertainment

Office Christmas were proud to exhibit at the RSVP10 exhibition, and particularly proud to be featured in the new area of the exhibit: RSVPA. RSVPA was a section specifically designed for PAs, Office Managers and Secretaries.

Also featured at the event was the new production arm of Eclipse Leisure (of which Office Christmas is part) Theme-Works. Theme-Works offer bespoke event and party theming on its own, without the full service that Office Christmas and Eclipse’s other events companies, offer.

Office Christmas were keen to show off their bespoke party themes and ideas, and push the availability of early bookings. Although summer is just around the corner, Office Christmas have been offering Christmas party bookings since spring in anticipation of high demand for Christmas parties this year with the economy turning a corner and companies looking to reward their employees for their hard work during a difficult time.

Office Christmas is part of Eclipse Leisure, which has recently celebrated over 10 years in the events industry. They offer exclusive and shared Christmas parties to companies and corporations across the country. They can organise the event down to the very last detail and include a free, unique party website for each client that provides all the requisite information for guests such as itineraries, venue information, driving instructions, a free message board and an image gallery.

The RSVP10 exhibition took place at the end of April at the Business Design Centre and played host to corporate events companies from across the UK, including Office Christmas and Theme-Works. For more information on services and booking, please visit the Office Christmas website at

Contact Details: Office Christmas,
42 Bond Street,
Phone: 0845 676 9755


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