VoAPPs Takes On Telecom Tasks with telePARTICLES APPs

telePARTICLES are Telecom APPs that integrate into your software application, back office system or business process to perform telecom tasks for you.


Released on: May 21, 2010, 11:34 am
Author: VoAPPs, LLC.
Industry: Telecommunications

ATLANTA -May 21, 2010 - Today VoAPPs announced the availability of telePARTICLES, a set of "Telecom APPs" that easily integrate into software applications, back office systems, and business processes. Available in an APP Store format, the company is releasing the first 3 telePARTICLES including:

Service Type :
Determines if a telephone number
is a Mobile or a Landline number

Mobile Working Number :
Determines whether a Mobile number is working and dialable

Number Scrubber :
Cleanses a list of phone numbers
to remove duplicates, numbers
with invalid formats, etc.

telePARTICLES are designed to make it easy for people to do Telecom Tasks that should be simple - but that are actually hard to do. "I looked around and realized that it's really hard to find out if a phone number is a mobile number or a landline number. That led me to wonder why it's so hard to find out if a mobile number is working or not", says David King, President of VoAPPs. "I found it inconceivable that this kind of basic telecom information was not available to every Telecom Application, to the average Business Process Manager, or to most Software Developers - so we decided to fix that."

Most of the Telecom APP providers in the market today are designed to be 'platforms' for software developers. They provide basic telephony functions like making a call, recording a caller's responses, or even building an entire call center. telePARTICLES are different.

telePARTICLES are designed to open up a new and different set of functionality to both software developers and non-developers alike. So, in addition to supporting flat files and providing a RESTful API for developers, most telePARTICLES also support web queries and Excel templates for easy access by Business Process Owners and End Users. Certain telePARTICLE APPs can even be accessed and used from a mobile phone via the company's Launchpad which can be found at www.teleparticles.mobi.

All telePARTICLES APPs and their associated access tools are available for download and use via an easy to use, APP store format.

To access and use a telePARTICLE APP:

1. Just open an account at

2. Purchase a few credits online

3. Start using your favorite telePARTICLE APP




About VoAPPs.
VoAPPs creates innovative, easy to use Voice Applications such as:

DirectDROP Voicemail which lets you leave a pre-recorded voicemail without ringing the phone - and - telePARTICLES; easy to use Telecom APPs that drop right into your software application, back office system, or business process. Raise your Voice at www.VoAPPs.com


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