Athlete Dies 11 Minutes-God Raises Dead


Released on: June 04, 2010, 3:56 am
Author: Brian Irons
Industry: Sports

Athlete dies for 11 minutes-God raised the dead, and forgave his sins

St. Louis, Mo--The author, Brian Irons, tells his story.

Brian is no different from any other human being on earth. But Brian’s athletic talents and skills proved to be highly favored more than 98 percent of the athletes in the world today.

During his 7 years of playing little league baseball, he earned and collected 2 M.V.P trophies as a pitcher. During his five years of playing little league football, he earned and collected 2 M.V.P. trophies as a quarterback. In Buder Gym, Brian Irons experienced the moment of signing his name on a few high school student’s books and papers, after displaying his skills playing basketball. In fighting, he holds a brilliant record of 8-0, with 8 knockdowns. In high school, Mr. Irons won the 1st place trophy in a dancing contest. This guy is amazing, and his story goes on and on and on and on.

Well, it’s like this; one day, Brian Irons was with the fellows getting high. While getting high, his heart stopped beating for eleven minutes. He slipped into a coma, and stayed in it for ten days. Due to the coma and heart stopping experience, his brain suffered a disastrous injury. Because of this brain injury, the nerves in his left leg had been damaged. For a total of 8 months, 3 different hospitals became his home.

For the wages of sin is death: Brian was a sinner just like the rest of us. The same sins he committed, you committed too. God watched you do harm to your body, and he watched Brian do harm to his body, too. God spared Brian’s life by allowing his mercy to touch the dead. God raised him from the dead, and later forgave him of his sin. Death was his payment, but God’s mercy cancelled the depth. Brian Irons might not be a professional athlete, nor have an associate’s degree, but he is now a published author.

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