Sights Set High for London Bungee Weekend


Released on: June 14, 2010, 3:04 am
Author: Jane Smith
Industry: Sports

London, 14th June, 2010: To cope with the insatiable demand from extreme sports enthusiasts, desperate to take the capital plunge, Extreme Element has roped in the services of two cranes this year for the Exclusive London Bungee Jump - allowing even more participants to combine the ultimate adrenaline-pumping experience with an unforgettable aerial view of the capital city.

With a record-breaking 297 thrill seekers taking part in the 2009 London bungee event, Extreme Element, a leading UK extreme sports specialist, has announced its intention to match the double digits of 2010 with an extra crane this September. This means that there will be double the fun and double the thrills for the 2010 Exclusive London Bungee Jump, to be held on 25th and 26th September.

"Now that the summer is slowly creeping up on us and the sun is shining, it's time to fire up the London crane again and prepare for another fantastic weekend of sun, scenery and shots of adrenaline as we announce the dates for London's only bungee jump of 2010", Extreme Element announced on its blog, pleased as punch with the prospect of 2010 being even bigger and better than 2009. Any potential participants were also encouraged to sign up early to avoid the disappointment of missing this one-off opportunity.

The event is now in its fourth year, and, apart from the chance to take part in a potentially record-breaking event, the bungee jump also provides the occasion to take the 160ft plunge amid spectacular views of historic central London near the Tower Bridge. Thanks to the massive turnout of adrenaline junkies in 2009, the event is a breath-taking experience that is fast becoming a fixture on the annual London calendar.

About Extreme Element: With a scope much broader than just bungee jumping, Extreme Element is a leader in providing extreme sport packages across the UK and also in Spain. The range includes flying lessons and helicopter flights, motocross and quad biking, supercar hire, rock climbing and skydiving. With more than 800 Extreme Sports Courses and Outdoor Activity Days available, Extreme Element provides the answers for an unforgettable experience with your mates, a corporate day out with a difference or stag do events. Experience day gift vouchers and bookings are on offer as an Ex Pass voucher or an Ex Pack gift pack that can be sent to your address or to another specified address via e-mail, Next Day Delivery or First Class Post.

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