UK SEO Experts Welcome Google's Bid To Build A Case Against Internet Censorship Acting As A Barrier For Global Trade



Released on: June 16, 2010, 3:20 am
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Internet & Online

SEO experts support Google's attempt to argue against internet censorship as being detrimental to e-commerce and world trade.

Following a year of intense speculation surrounding the current state of online security and privacy concerns, Google is attempting to build a case against internet censorship as a barrier to global trade and an infringement of human rights.

Google recently called time on its mainland Chinese language search engine at the start of 2010 due to censorship issues and a cyber attack which was believed to have originated from China.

Now the global search giant has begun working with a number of US government departments to build a case to take to the World Trade Organisation; a move that UK SEO company QueryClick said is long overdue. A spokesperson from QueryClick said:

“Google's attempt to build a case against internet censorship is highly topical and comes on the back of increasing public and political interest into how personal information is protected as well as the kind of sites global internet users can access.

“Whatever the outcome of the report, it's encouraging to see Google taking a proactive stance by investigating the effects of internet censorship more closely and through the lens of highly important issues such as human rights.”

Robert Boorstin – Google's director of corporate and policy communications – said that Google wants to show that censorship causes fewer search results to be returned which has the potential to stunt trade as well as restricting Google itself from competing with China's other search giant, Baidu.

Despite the finalised report being some time away, QueryClick says Google have taken a step in the right direction in a bid to protect and improve the freedom of internet users:

“Google is a worldwide phenomenon and it's encouraging to see a high profile name tackling the controversial and complicated issue of Chinese internet censorship.

“Internet users in Britain can easily take their virtual freedom for granted, however Google's involvement of the World Trade Organisation means this is a global issue that we should all be taking an interest in.”

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