Hispaniola's Best Supports USO and Street Children of Haiti



Released on: July 10, 2010, 5:44 am
Author: Hispaniolas Best Coffee
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Our children and our soldiers are among our most precious resources. Premier coffee manufacturer Hispaniola's Best is supporting both with generous donations from the sale of their organic coffee.

We work with farming communities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to providethe best coffee in the Caribbean while supporting agricultural programs in both countries, says Hispaniola's Best co-founder Guy Ali.

Ali was born in Haiti, and his partner and co-founder (who chooses to remain anonymous) is a veteran. The company is currently throwing the weight of its premier organic coffee behind both causes by donating 25% of its sales to the Help the Street Children Orphanage of Haiti and 15% of all sales to the USO.

[It's] great coffee for a great cause, says Ali. Our main mission is to make a positive impact in the world's most underdeveloped countries. We support farmers and orphans by partnering with Help Street Children to help children that are affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

What sets Hispaniola 's Best apart from the dozens of other coffee beans on the market is the soil in which it grew. Coffee grown throughout Central and South America grows on volcanic soil, giving it a bitter and more pungent taste than coffee grown in the limestone and granite-based soils of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The soil, coupled with a longer growing season and the no-pesticide policy of the local farmers, contributes to a richer taste from a more mature bean.

Hispaniola doesn't have dry and rainy seasons, therefore the coffee has a long growin g s eason with multiple harvests. It ripens slowly, which is often credited with more flavorful beans. We have the best tasting coffee from the Caribbean, states Ali. Organic, made from 100% Arabica beansour coffee is so good it can become addictive!

To learn more, visit www.HispaniolasBest.com.

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